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  • "I never drink water!" – So, are you dehydrated?

    It’s almost a matter of pride, right? From the heavy drinker to the tea drinker, from the coffee addict to the kola kid, “water” is a dirty word. Are humans among those rare rare mammals that need very little water to survive? After all, unlike desert creatures, we don’t have a built-in water conservation mechanism. […]

  • Implantation bleeding or your early period?

    What is implantation bleeding? and how do you know how it looks or feels? Imagine this scenario, you are trying to have a baby, desperate to conceive. Your period is due in about a week. You’ve been feeling pretty cramps all morning, you go to the bathroom and there it is, blood! Now it has […]

  • How to cure yeast infection: some of the foods to avoid

    If you suffer from yeast infection, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Here are some tips to heal and live a better life. One of the ways to prevent yeast infections is to avoid unhealthy foods. Avoid all sweets that have hidden sweeteners, such as processed foods. Processed foods include soups, fruits and fruit […]

  • Treat PCOS naturally

    Polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as polycystic ovary syndrome, is an endocrine disorder that affects almost 10% of women of childbearing age. PCOS is characterized by a combination of symptoms such as irregular or absent periods, insulin resistance, acne, hirsutism, hair loss, and weight gain. It is estimated that almost 70% of women with PCOS […]

  • Summer Reading List: Top 10 Books for Kids

    For some students, the academic school year may be over. For some parents, it can represent a battle between summer camp and outdoor sports. But if parents provide interesting materials to read over summer vacation, children are more likely to participate in the learning. In fact, reading over the summer improves the material learned, prepares […]

  • Laser hair removal: SHR technology

    SHR technology is the latest permanent laser hair removal technology. Since it is relatively new to the market, many potential customers ask questions about the innovative method. How is the process of an SHR treatment? Is it painless? That I have to do? These questions and more will be answered below. However, it is recommended […]

  • What lurks under your nails?

    In the spring of 1997, I had a wonderful day with Dr. Omar Amin in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Amin is one of the world’s most respected and sought-after parasitologists and heads the Parasitology Center Inc in Scottsdale, Arizona. He gave me a copy of his article ‘Understanding Parasites’ in which there was a phrase that […]

  • The best cities to practice acupuncture

    The best cities to practice acupuncture in the United States are those cities where there are more jobs than others in this field, and where the general attitude towards the healing arts is more positive. These cities also tend to have better overall employment rates and more amenities that make them great places to live. […]

  • Psychic Self Defense: Tips for Building a Stronger Aura

    Each person has at their core a center of spiritual energy that radiates from their body. For most of us, the aura, or that cocoon of energy that surrounds our body, is invisible. But psychics report that they can see the aura and identify the general condition of a person by the strength and color […]