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  • Master Cleanse – Forty Day Information

    Since the 1940s, Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse has been helping solve people’s health problems. The cleanse has also been called the lemonade diet. Mr. Burroughs published his book, The Master Cleanse, in 1976. Since then, thousands of people have benefited from the simple, basic plan he created. When the cleanup plan was introduced, there were […]

  • Synthetic dye and its impact on the environment

    Since the accidental discovery of the first synthetic dye, mauve, made from charcoal by William Henry Perkins in 1856, the use of natural dyes began to disappear. And why not? Synthetic dyes are more resistant to color, have a broad spectrum of colors that can be easily and accurately reproduced, cost less, and can impart […]

  • Some Things About Wheatgrass Juice You Probably Didn’t Know

    There are many people who think that wheatgrass juice is simply a healthy drink that you can drink for energy and nutrients. The truth is that there are books full of long lists of uses and applications. From its detoxifying health benefits to addictions, cavities, sore throats, skin problems, constipation, improves blood sugar, hypertension and […]

  • Regain Your Health With Colon Hydrotherapy

    With all the food that people consume throughout the day during various meals and snacks, it becomes a bit overwhelming for a certain part of our body to keep up. The colon works at a constant rate and with excessive consumption of lunches, snacks and snacks our colon simply gets stuck due to the additional […]

  • Detoxify your face

    Toxins are everywhere. They are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the pollution that surrounds us every day. Our bodies are pretty good at eliminating some of these toxins, but sometimes we need a little boost. For many of us, our faces are the most affected by the bad toxins around […]

  • Male Infertility and How to Increase Sperm Count with Chinese Medicine

    Infertility in men Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Better Health Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Fertility Concepts Chinese Medicine uses a holistic approach to health and wellness, and views illness as a disharmony in the body’s natural balance. To help you participate in your own healing or balancing process, I have written this booklet to […]

  • Recovering from a heavy meal or heavy drinking: the healthy way

    Well, it was the weekend. And after a long week of hard work, you deserve to treat yourself and visit the restaurants and bars with some of your friends. But now it’s the next day and you’re feeling a bit guilty, lazy, bigger around the waist, and possibly a bit hungover. How do you quickly […]

  • 5 effective male fertility tips that can help you cure your infertility

    There is nothing to be ashamed of about your male infertility condition. Both men and women suffer from infertility and there are many who are unaware of their condition. Here are five effective tips that helped many men to cure their male infertility by natural means. Implement them immediately and stick to them closely and […]

  • Blood Detox with Fruit Juices – Body Detox

    Most fruits and vegetables have most of the nutrients the body needs to function effectively. Many foreign chemicals enter the body through the food we eat, drinks, and contact with our skin. These impurities enter the blood slowly and disrupt the normal functions of parts of the body by causing different effects that impair the […]

  • Colloidal silver and the healing crisis

    Although generally known for its excellent antibiotic properties, colloidal silver also has great cleansing effects on the internal organs. Many therapists recommend colloidal silver for intensive detox programs, particularly when the health condition is seriously affected by excessive accumulation of toxins and heavy metals. Colloidal silver administered for disease prevention is usually taken in small […]