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  • Indian breakfast recipes

    Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. And in countries like India, breakfast is another opportunity to showcase your colorful and tasty cuisine. In India, there are various breakfast foods that are preferred by people and are healthy and delicious at the same time. In some regions of India, these […]

  • Can a yeast infection be treated with yogurt, strawberry or banana?

    You’ve heard people talk about it, but you wonder if it’s just a myth. You are curious because you have that familiar feeling and you know you have another yeast infection. You don’t feel like going to the store and spending more money on creams so you ask yourself Can You Really Treat Yeast Infections […]

  • Greek Yogurt: Your Blank Canvas for Healthier, Easier, and Delicious Meals

    Looking for something that’s versatile, easy to use, and can improve your health while saving you money? Sound impossible? Not when you have Greek yogurt and recipes on your side! Forget spending big bucks on those less healthy pre-made yogurt cups when you can use a container of plain Greek yogurt and your own recipes. […]

  • The 24-Hour Rule: Better Relationships One Day at a Time

    One of the best things I learned from my wife is to wait 24 hours before responding to things that make me upset or angry. What great advice! If I had known and practiced that rule years ago, I wouldn’t have suffered the aggravation, anxiety, frustration, and embarrassment of sending an angry email over something […]

  • I hurt my neck paddling!

    Yes, you read that right. It is not a lower back injury, but a neck injury. The mechanism is the same, but I wanted to address neck pain in this article. The fact is that you can strain any muscle or joint by doing almost any activity. In this example, a patient of ours was […]

  • What’s so strange about German flowers?

    Germans love flowers. When they are invited to your home, flowers are an appropriate gift. There are customs regarding the color and quantity of flowers to wear. Impress your host by following the rules. An invitation to a German house is an honour. Wine or flowers are the best gifts. Let’s go with the flowers. […]

  • Gringo, Dingo, Bingo, Ringo and Ca’Chingo

    Okay, so do you like the title of my article there? I thought you might, I had fun thinking about it the other day while driving, but I want to tell the story behind it. You see, our local Indian reservation, and let me tell you, these people live much better off than most middle-class […]

  • New Los Angeles Play, Mustang Sally, Explores the Root Cause of Teacher Sex Offenses

    The plethora of female teachers accused of sexual misconduct with their male students is now such a common news headline that playwright Linda Felton Steinbaum was forced to write her new play, Mustang Sally, which addresses the intriguing similarities in the families of the perpetrators. . “To say that these families are dysfunctional is an […]