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  • The many types of palm trees

    There are thousands of species of palm trees. They are considered to be tropical in nature, but most people don’t know that cold hardy palms can be planted outside without any visible damage from temperatures as low as -20 ° F. You can see this as far north as Canada and Switzerland. . Palm trees, […]

  • How to Buy Huda Beauty Cosmetics

    Buy Huda Beauty Cosmetics Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for an affordable way to get the latest makeup, you’ll find a variety of products from Huda Beauty. These high-quality cosmetics are designed with your needs in mind, and are easy to use. They were created by multi-millionaire cosmetics designer Huda Kattan. If […]

  • How to care for a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier

    The Jack Russell Terrier breed has a double coat of thick hair that requires regular grooming. Also known as a Parson Russell Terrier, dogs can have rough, smooth, or torn coats. The long-haired or rough-haired Jack Russell terrier has longer braids than the smooth-haired terrier, and has excess traces of hair on the head, legs, […]

  • 9 tips on how to read your sexual language

    Is she flirting? Smiling? Eye contact? How to pick up on her flirting cues. Interpreting your sexual body language has never been easier. 1: She Starts Grooming – This is also known as making sure she looks her best. Standing taller, tucking in the belly and pushing the breasts are spontaneous and instantaneous gestures that […]

  • Gangsters, gangs and robbers: the sawing of the island of Manhattan

    It was a hoax to end all hoaxes, perpetrated by a man known only as Lozier. Lozier was neither a mobster nor a gang member. And certainly, by all historical accounts, Lozier was not a scoundrel. Yet considering the chaos he caused in New York City in 1824, Lozier was certainly, by all definitions, a […]

  • Herbal tea to help eliminate parasites

    Herbs tea It is a great remedy to help eliminate parasites naturally. Tea can help kill parasite eggs, as well as kill and flush parasites from the body. Most herbal teas, while not helping to directly expel parasites, will at least help provide an environment in which parasites cannot live. Parasites can only live in […]

  • Are positive affirmations something that can help you?

    What are positive affirmations? This is a very common question and the question can be the beginning of positive changes in your life. By asking, “what are affirmations?” You may feel that this is something that is outside your comfort zone. You may be interested to know then that you may already be using affirmations […]

  • Your perfect makeup at 60: the essentials

    Perfect makeup used to be easy and fun, right? Are there too many complications now? Uneven skin tone and texture, crepe eyelids, darkness under eyes. If you are not satisfied with your makeup, read on … The cosmetic industry is spending millions developing makeup products designed exclusively for women in their 50s and 60s or […]

  • After Eating Master Cleanse – Salads with Goddess Dressing

    Many people wonder what Master Cleanse friendly recipes are out there that can help prevent them from reverting to their old eating habits. This is critical because what you do after the master clean is just as important as what you do before and during the clean. For this reason, I decided to dedicate a […]