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  • Immaturity in the workplace, signs to look for

    As long as we assume that all people are functioning at the same level behaviorally and emotionally in the workplace, we are sure to be surprised. Shocked when we meet a co-worker who responds to what we thought was a simple comment with an emotional outburst that resembles that of an eight-year-old rather than a […]

  • Choosing a Good Financial Advisor: An Attorney’s Perspective

    Choosing a good financial advisor and finding the best one for you is a lot like interviewing job seekers; you are the employer and the advisor is the employee. Working in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčestate planning, I can offer some criteria that I look for in light of my experience working with financial professionals. Here […]

  • Reasons: why security checks at the airport fail

    Due to the increase in crime and terrorist attacks at airports and airlines, the security of our airport has become a major concern. The smuggling of weapons, drugs and explosives continues to be concealed through numerous airport checkpoints. The question arises that where are the faults? Why do airport security checks fail even with the […]

  • Nigeria: a clay-footed giant

    It is no longer news that the life of our people is devalued daily by a group of people under the pretext of national development. As our nation’s wealth increases, the poverty level of the population increases by leaps and bounds. It’s quite ironic. There is no reason why we are endowed with abundant human […]

  • Science Versus Fiction: Have New Mexico Environmentalists Been Telling The Truth?

    While it may be a speculative reflection on whether Chris Shuey influences the editorial voices of Gallup and other New Mexico media, it appears that Shuey may have built the foundation for his career in a uranium-related disaster. On the other hand, can anyone blame an ambulance hunter for trying to make a living too? […]

  • The Features and Benefits of Cloud Telephony

    These days you often hear the phrase “Cloud Hosted Telephony.” However, what exactly does it mean? How relevant is it in the field of interactive voice response (IVR)? Introduction to Cloud Hosted Telephony: From an IVR point of view, the hosted IVR or IVR hosting service, which allows users to design and deploy telephony applications […]

  • Three good hospitals in Baku

    The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the previous constituent republics that formed the United Soviet Socialist Republic or the USSR. The country is located in Transcaucasia, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Its neighbors are Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Azerbaijan suffered many political assaults and disputes. However, lately, it has come out […]

  • Give Back – Be a Mentor!

    Are you climbing to the top? Have you reached a level of success where you feel compelled to give back? While you cannot “give back” to the people who have helped you along the way, you can give “forward.” Being a mentor is an effective strategy in which you can contribute significantly to the professional […]

  • Understanding (and repairing) property tax appraisal

    Imagine, so to speak, Tinyville, a community of only ten houses. All ten houses were the same size and style, built at the same time on similarly sized lots, using similar architectural drawings and building materials, each with comparable views and amenities, and each sold to its initial owner for the same price. , $ […]