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  • Dippity Do – Easter Egg Fun

    Easter is just around the corner and one of the great activities to participate in this and every Easter season is coloring the Easter eggs. Easter eggs are simple and fun to color; you just need to take note of the following tricks. Easter eggs usually start with hard-boiled eggs, so buy a dozen or […]

  • How to make homemade cosmetics with spices

    Did you know that in ancient times there were no cosmetic products for makeup or skin care? However, women of that time had perfect skin and cosmetics for makeup that they did themselves. They looked so beautiful because they knew some magical ingredient secrets that can be found in every kitchen today. Today we know […]

  • Simple Christmas Tradition Ideas for Moms

    Christmas traditions are something that we all cherish and remember throughout our lives. Take some time this year and create new Christmas traditions with your family. I’ve put together a list of twelve easy Christmas tradition ideas for moms. 1.) Use the 12 Days of Christmas theme and give your children inexpensive gifts for each […]

  • Treat head lice naturally

    When your child rushes home, he looks messy and scratches his scalp so often that you suspect he sees something on his head that irritates him. Lice are crawling fast on your scalp! This is just a common scenario of children infested with lice and you want to look for ways to treat lice naturally […]

  • How to Treat Your Child to an Amazing Birthday Party!

    There’s nothing wrong with having a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese or a place with bouncy houses, but with just a little planning and effort, you can throw a birthday party that people will talk about for a long time. My husband and I consider planning our 2 children’s annual parties as a hobby. […]

  • The days are long but the years are short!

    I know that almost every parent I know is tired. I also know that my oldest daughter just turned 19 and I wonder where the years went. And you are probably experiencing the same thing, right? My daughter is taller than me now, as is her 16-year-old younger brother. They are visual reminders every day […]

  • The ELF Method of Network Marketing: Make It Easy, Profitable, and Fun

    The secret to network marketing success is short and simple: E – L – F. Make it easy. Make it lucrative. Make it fun. If you can follow these three easy steps, your business will take off at an incredible rate. Step one: make it easy. If you are running an individual program, you can […]

  • Learn languages ​​for free

    The internet has given us great opportunities to learn a language and the possibilities for the future are truly amazing. In the past, learning a language required buying books and learning on our own (no audio and no feedback or interaction) or taking a class (which can be expensive and inconvenient). But today, improvements in […]

  • Why you should buy an Anita Jeram mug

    Due to the fact that we use them every day, mugs have proven to be an incredibly popular gift option. Having something beautifully decorated to drink can help lift our spirits if we need a boost, and it can brighten our mornings considerably when it comes to the first cup of tea or coffee. We […]