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  • Facts and figures about our television habits (and 5 ways to break the patterns)

    From television to computers to cell phones, technology surrounds us. Technology has undoubtedly opened many doors for us. Access to the Internet promotes the dissemination of ideas and information, access to television allows us to view art in the form of movies, and access to cell phones allows us to call our loved ones no […]

  • Potty Training Techniques for Energetic Toddlers

    Every parent I know is looking forward to the day when their child will no longer “make” sticky, sticky diapers. Most children will be ready to wear the oversized pants between 18 and 24 months. Of course, the process is not without its difficulties. Find out the best way to potty train your child, as […]

  • Building a Playhouse: How to Design a Playhouse for Your Children

    Before you can build a playhouse for your children, you obviously need a plan. Without a plan, you’ll stumble, make random cuts, and waste your time and money on improperly cut lumber. But how and where do you get a design and plan? Let’s face it, most of us are normal boys or girls without […]

  • Why Islamic Jewelry Is The Perfect Islamic Gift For Newborns!

    The arrival of a new baby is followed by visits from family and friends to see the child, and they all come with gifts. In many Muslim cultures, most firstborns receive some form of Islamic jewelry as a gift after they are born. Although it is more of an ethnic and non-religious tradition, at the […]

  • Baby Developmental Milestones: First Year

    Developmental milestones are easily identifiable age-specific skills that a baby can perform, such as rolling over, sitting, walking, etc. The development milestones are only a guide. Babies will most likely follow the same progression through these milestones. No two babies are exactly alike, and each baby grows at its own rate. Therefore, mothers should not […]

  • Alfred’s Guitar Course for Kids – Book Review

    Teaching a child to play the guitar presents a different challenge for any guitar teacher. Often times, a guitar teacher will have to come up with some kind of method that suits his young student. A good guitar method book specially designed for children will certainly be of great help in this situation, and one […]

  • Wet wipes and the grocery store

    It seems that wherever you look these days, wet wipes (WW) are appearing. Case in point: the grocery store. As you walk in and grab your basket, you are greeted in many stores by a WW station. The sign invites you to grab one and clean the handle of your basket. But for what? We […]

  • Design your own skateboard

    Many skaters are artistic and like to put their creations on their skateboards. Many skaters use spray paint and put stencils on their boards. Others will use markers, markers, and stickers to decorate their boards. Some skaters will purchase blank boards solely for the purpose of putting their designs on them. Like skateboarding, skateboarding can […]

  • 6-Step Parent’s Guide to Solving Potty Training Problems

    Potty training is one of the most important things parents have to do for their children. Most children have no difficulty in potty training. Normally, children can develop good toilet habits between 18 months and 3 years. Unfortunately, some children do not have the same physical, intellectual and psychological preparation to learn to go to […]

  • 10 reasons why we need clean water

    If your clean water dilemma is how to clean watermarks from glass vases, you’re only touching the tip of this iceberg. If your water is clean, should you leave water marks on glass vases? SECRET: You can clean the watermarks on glass vases. I don’t guarantee this will work on all vases and I urge […]