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  • Safe Lice Treatments – Find Out What Smart Parents Are Using!

    When head lice are out there, no matter how hard you try to protect your child from getting them, chances are they will get infected. As much as we would like to avoid them as much as possible, we need to stay one step ahead and focus on available lice treatments. A done deal. For […]

  • Host a paintball party!

    Paintball equipment makes a great birthday gift for many different ages, but especially a 14-year-old. If you want your exciting gift to have even more of an impact, give it at a paintball-themed birthday party that has a game they can use it on. Playing pin the talle on the donkey at Chuck E Cheese […]

  • How to tell if a baby is teething

    Suppose you can see the signs at three months. There are big differences for the beginning of teething. Some parents may notice the signs as early as three months, with the tooth breaking through the gum at the age of four to seven months. Most children have all 20 baby teeth by the time they […]

  • Dragon Age – Origins, Gem Among Gems from Bioware, the 2009 RPG

    Format: Xbox 360, PC Style: Third Person RPG/RTS Modes: single player campaign only Pros: Amazing graphics, epic story, gripping gameplay, top notch voice acting, good combat, great fun. Cons: Difficult to pull the hair in some spots. Introduction Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A company that puts all its […]

  • Easy to learn, important finance courses

    The digital age has proven useful in many ways, from connecting us with distant loved ones and near ones to allowing us to learn like never before. Online personal finance classes are a great way to stay on your toes when it comes to managing your budget and financial future, and these free, easy-to-use courses […]

  • New book puts parents back in control with confidence and common sense

    Any parent, or even adults who spend time with children, would do well to read Barbara C. Murray’s new book Taking Back Parenting. In concise and thoughtful discussions, Barbara covers a wide range of topics that parents need to be concerned about with their children, from how to teach and communicate with their children to […]

  • Boston Terriers and Separation Anxiety

    Boston terriers have been known to develop behavioral problems related to separation anxiety. So what exactly is separation anxiety? Separation anxiety is an anxiety disorder characterized by a state of extreme panic induced by the dog’s separation or detachment from its owners. Long story short, when you leave the house, your BT is thrown into […]

  • A view from the streets of Richard Gere’s film, Time Out of Mind

    The most heartbreaking scene time out of mind occurs when Richard Gere’s character, George Hammond, is confronted with his status in society. He frantically asks his annoying bunkmate, “Am I homeless?” Yes, he is homeless, but it takes him a long time to accept or even say the word. As his irresponsible friend points out, […]

  • Five instructions for positive parenting

    Today, in this world we live in, raising a child can be not only a cumbersome task but also a difficult one, largely due to the fact that there are too many distractions. Christian parenting is something that is becoming a big problem for many families as they want their children to be raised as […]