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  • 5D BIM Modeling Services for Construction Projects

    5D BIM Modeling Services If you want your construction project to be completed without any hiccups, you should try 5D BIM modeling services. These services are ideal for the creation of accurate cost estimates for contractors and other stakeholders. They are used to identify the raw materials, quantities, and other details required for the entire […]

  • Suggested Careers for Myers Briggs Test Personality Types

    In times of a great economic recession, many people decide to change careers. Usually a major career change will require you to go back to school. Going back to school can be a difficult decision, especially if you have already started your career. To help you decide what type of career you should pursue, we […]

  • Need to apply for a bad credit mortgage?

    The credit rating is a way to assess your suitability for a serious financial commitment. It is a major part of your mortgage application because lenders want to know how risky it is to invest a significant amount of money in your loan. Now that I think about it, if someone approached you for a […]

  • For sale by owner: listing outside of MLS is a risky business

    Since 2013, there has been an increase in pre-sale property sellers and Multiple Listing Services (MLS) listings. Core Logic reported that in 2013, 53% of real estate transactions made in the US were not listed on the MLS. Most sellers do not have a real estate license and are not allowed to use the MLS, […]

  • Are there any advantages to paying rent online?

    Rent payment problems are one of the main concerns of all landlords. However, they are more concerned about not getting paid than having tenants with criminal records or problematic evictions. More than 50% of Americans don’t pay their bills on time because they simply forget. Therefore, landlords are concerned about their tenants’ payments. Fortunately, there […]

  • How to Avoid the FALSE PROMISE of the Madison Avenue Lifestyle

    The Madison Ave lifestyle is everywhere. You know what I’m talking about … Fast paced … Beautiful homes, beautiful new cars, two new motorcycles in the garage, a poolside hot tub, fine dining every night … Everything you ever want right there, at your entire disposal. Advertisers are experts at harnessing our dreams of having […]

  • The importance of hiring a property management company

    In this age of independence and mindset that one can handle on their own, it is inevitable that a property owner will think that they will do well on their own. Sure, you have tenants who at first pay on time until gradually they will not, some will breach the contract and the terms of […]

  • Build your own affordable and eco-friendly home

    What’s the best way to build a low-cost home that doesn’t harm the planet? Most materials such as concrete and steel are highly processed and transported over long distances, making them inaccessible to millions of people in need of housing. These high-tech materials also cause great harm to the environment. The answer is to use […]

  • Black Gold Income

    Black gold is known to mean more than one thing depending on your understanding and perception. For some people it could mean coffee; while for others it could mean something else. Black gold in this context refers to crude oil. Crude oil is the basis of all petroleum products, that is, diesel also known as […]