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  • Startup Law 101 Series: Business Lawyer’s Tips for Becoming a Founder

    Introduction Why become a founder? What are some of the things you can do to become successful founder? Having worked extensively with founders as a startup attorney in Silicon Valley for many years, and having built my own business as well, I have some tips to share on these points. Tips on why you should […]

  • Famous Advertising Slogans – The Most Successful Advertising Slogans Ever!

    What is it about some advertising slogans that makes them so successful? You know what I’m talking about. There are some that you heard years ago that you will never forget, like the “Just do it!” From Nike. and then others that make you wonder what they were thinking. So what do certain slogans have […]

  • A comparison of the criminal justice system in England with that of the United States

    Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to London, England, to observe its criminal justice system for a week. This trip was organized by the California State Bar Association. As a practicing criminal defense attorney in the United States, it was a wonderful experience observing three or four different English criminal courts. After several […]

  • What are the "Little ivy," tea "Little three" and the "Hidden ivy?"

    Most people are familiar with Ivy League colleges and have a pretty good idea that it is extremely prestigious to attend one of them. There are many, many other colleges that are academically very rigorous and difficult to get into. The term The Little Three, The Little Ivy and The Hidden Ivy is sometimes confusing. […]

  • Is it worth investing in Law School?

    Does Michigan’s economy really need six law schools that inject more than a thousand recent graduates into the service sector each year? Unlike many job applicants, most new attorneys are heavily in debt; some carry more than $ 100,000 in student loans. This can quickly lead to despair. The economy is still hurting in several […]

  • TWIN PEAKS: Fire Walk With Me Bluray Review

    The original television broadcast of Twin Peaks in 1990 coincided with my recent interest in David Lynch films after renting a copy of Blue Velvet on video and the break between the first and second seasons also saw the release of Wild At Heart in the cinema, which launched a sudden and unexpected wave of […]

  • Not a country for old men, border incidents, and bodybuilding truths

    All bodybuilders with Netflix must watch Border incident. Netflix is ​​required because this is a 1949 movie. It stars Ricardo Montalbán, has amazing cinematography, and deals with a very important topic: illegal immigration. But beyond its particular theme, this film portrays a way of looking at the world that is essential for civilization and orderly […]

  • Locomotives and Supreme Court

    Things lose their usefulness over time. No matter how innovative and useful they were when they were first invented, most end up in a junk heap or, at best, a museum. For example, Kitty Hawk, the first powered airplane in human history. A great advance in the history of technology, it is useless today, neither […]

  • Speaking tips: using a projector without reading from it

    Having a slide show built into your show is a great way to engage the different learning styles of your audience. But don’t trust your projector to give you the presentation! Whether you’re a novice or advanced speaker, reading your slides shows a lack of preparation. For the audience, it means that you are not […]