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  • Why do elections have consequences ?: 7 examples

    How often have we heard someone say, it doesn’t matter who they vote for, or who we elect to public office, because they’re all the same anyway? Although, there have been many cases of elected officials, who did not honorably fulfill their bond, which was supposed to be, to serve and represent their constituents, rather […]

  • Infertility in the 1960s, horrors and miracles: my personal story

    I was a teenager in the middle of the last century. Those were the days leading up to support groups. Sensitivity to other people’s problems didn’t seem to be the most important thing on people’s minds. And personal matters were mostly kept hidden. As you read this story, you will come across many cases of […]

  • Sample cover letter for high school students

    Many teens who pass high school look for part-time or full-time jobs to earn pocket money. A job can be a stepping stone experience if you already know what kind of career you would like to do in the future. Today there are a large number of jobs available for high school students. You only […]

  • How to protect yourself from a claim of copyright infringement

    Some areas of copyright law can be complicated, but the basics can be simple. For example, copyright infringement can be prevented by obtaining permission from the owner. This article will briefly define “fair use” and its four factors that judges consider fair, namely; the character and purpose of its use, the nature, the portion taken […]

  • Crystal massage: a gift of healing and transformation

    Not all massages are the same While all massages can feel good and give us a sense of relaxation, not all massages are the same. In fact, many massagers are good with their hands, but most do not have the ability to provide a healing massage. Crystalline Healing is different. How Crystal Healing Works The […]

  • To sit or not to sit?

    Suet is a popular food for a variety of birds. Birds that enjoy it include blue jays, chickadees, nuthatches, warblers, woodpeckers, and wrenches. Tallow is the tough fat found around the kidneys or loins of beef. Animal fat is easily digested by birds and gives them a huge boost, especially during the winter months when […]

  • Benefits of landfill gas recovery

    When a municipality has finished with a landfill, they usually bury it. The organic matter in the landfill decomposes and releases gases consisting of methane and other chemical compounds. This gas, known as landfill gas, can be captured and recovered by adding some simple technology. Landfill gas recovery offers a number of benefits. Prevents global […]

  • Becoming an English Lawyer – Qualified Lawyer Transfer Plan (QLTS)

    English law is held in high esteem; London is among the top legal cities in the world; and talented and qualified lawyers continue to seek to become English lawyers. The job prospects are decent for lawyers in the UK and by becoming an English lawyer you increase your employability. Once qualified, you will be able […]

  • Protect your business with commercial litigation attorneys

    Running a business is not a walk in the park. A person must be very careful and innovative when running a business. Running a business involves many responsibilities for owners, and protecting your business is one of those responsibilities. There are many business laws that apply to the state in which you do business and […]

  • How I Passed CSET … Little Tips and Tricks That Made the Difference Between Pass and Fail

    CSET – Your Path to a Rewarding Career! Few careers can provide the levels of responsibility, satisfaction, and fulfillment that teaching brings to California educators. Every day, thousands of teachers throughout California help their students study, learn, and achieve their dreams. Good teachers create great lives Teachers can touch lives in a way that no […]