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  • Typical Negative Effects of Synephrine-Based Weight Loss Supplements

    After the FDA banned ephedra-based weight loss supplements, supplement manufacturers considered natural components and artificial remedies that mimic the effects of ephedra on your body. Synephrine is one of these, a drug that produces adrenaline and nor-adrenaline in the system to stimulate the metabolic process. Countless people today rely on this powerful component to help […]

  • Can Peptides Help You Remove Wrinkles From Your Face?

    Sometimes the ingredients in today’s skin care products can seem like strange byproducts of a scientific experiment. In this article, we are going to shed some light on peptides. What are peptides actually? Before you get your chemistry book out of your bag to look up the definition of the term, be sure to read […]

  • How to be a man women want to dance with

    Find out what women want in a dancer Sometime before writing this article, I conducted a survey of women on my email list dedicated to sharing knowledge about how to improve in partner dance. This survey focused on the problems women have with men when they dance. By observing what women don’t like about men […]

  • Covert/Emotional Incest: How Real Is It?

    There are a growing number of psychology articles and books dealing with covert incest, also known as emotional incest. This form of incest is described as a relationship in which a parent makes a child into a partner or confidante that is inappropriate for the child’s age and life experience. Or to put it another […]

  • Is my girlfriend going to leave me? 7 Signs She’s Planning To Break Up With You

    7 signs that your girlfriend is going to leave you Are you wondering, “Is my girlfriend going to dump me or am I just paranoid?” During difficult times, relationship problems breed uncertainty, suspicion, and (unfortunately) breakups. You don’t want to expect the worst, but you also don’t want to be caught off guard. Therefore, it’s […]

  • Shopping Packages at Buffalo, New York Hotels

    To entice guests, some Buffalo, New York hotels offer shopping packages that not only include your room, but also gift cards to stores in Buffalo’s great shopping district. If you are planning a trip to this area of ​​Western New York, you should consider purchasing one of the shopping packages offered by hotels in Buffalo, […]

  • How does a pregnancy calculator work?

    What is the pregnancy calculator? When will my baby arrive? That’s a common question pregnant moms ask and are excited to find out their baby’s due date. The pregnancy calculator is a simple tool for those who want to confirm if they are pregnant or not. This is based on her menstrual period, the symptoms […]

  • A must read for summer "the queen of the madhouse"

    As we plunge headlong into the hottest days of summer, it’s very important that we arm ourselves with the necessary tools to make it to Labor Day. What tools would those be, you ask? Well, there is the sunscreen with SPF 2500, or if you prefer, a complete body protection garment, chemical and biological for […]

  • Blue contact lenses for any eye color

    Of the many colors and color tints available in contact lenses, blue contact lenses are probably the most popular, and it’s not entirely clear why this should be. Blue contacts are even preferred by people who already have naturally blue eyes, so it’s obviously not just about wanting to change your eye color. Although in […]