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  • Puppy personality test

    Dogs also have unique personalities. Your personality can be proven at a very young age by testing. When you know your dog’s personality, it will be easier for you to train him. While it is not true that a puppy test will allow you to buy a perfect dog, it can definitely help you bring […]

  • Did I make a mistake buying this 8 month old dog?

    Have you ever heard that question or something similar from a friend, neighbor, or family member? I hear it all the time and usually there are some issues that have developed right away and the new dog owner calls me to ask the question. Usually it is a dog that comes from a breeder. The […]

  • Sales master

    Many times when you hear the term salesperson or salesmanship, you think in terms of someone selling you a product such as a car, phone, clothing, or other goods and services, but rarely does anyone realize that the first thing EVERYONE is. people must learn to do. sell are themselves. From the time you are […]

  • Benefits of having a cat tree

    The benefits of a cat tree are powerful. Cats, despite their sleepy disposition, have a lot of energy and can use more than 30 minutes of play a day. Engaging them is crucial and often frustrating as they reject or get bored with one store bought toy after another. This is why I love cat […]

  • Chase betting systems (also known as dog chase betting)

    If you are a seasoned sports player, you know the old adage that if you chase your losses, you will lose your shirt and be sure to ruin your account. It’s time to throw all that nonsense out the window and learn for the first time, that chasing your losses is the best possible scenario. […]

  • How to buy a puppy online safely and responsibly

    As a lifelong dog owner and breeder for several years, I have found a great need to educate people in the process of buying a puppy online. There are so many breeders with so many options that it can all become overwhelming in no time. I support local shelters, but realize that there are many […]

  • How to keep chickens as indoor pets for kids

    Chickens roaming the house, you say! Impossible! But it is very possible. In fact, chickens make excellent indoor pets for your children. They take up little space, cost only “chicken feed” to maintain, and provide endless hours of entertainment for your children and friends. You can even choose a bantum or a small breed, about […]

  • Twin Kitten Names: Don’t Just Look!

    Welcoming a new kitten home can be challenging. Finding the perfect twin kitten names for your pet can be even more challenging! But have two? And a twin? Wow, that’s pretty overwhelming! Do you want names for kittens that sound the same? Should the names share the same initial? Do the names match the appearance […]

  • Balanced diet for the nutrition of the Siberian husky

    When you pick up your puppy from the dog breeder, ask the breeder for advice on the best diet to feed your Siberian husky. Initially, follow the diet that he recommends. But as the dog becomes an adult, he will have to change his diet to suit his preferences. Do not make any sudden changes […]