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  • Who knows the power of dance, dwells in God

    The Sacred Dance has nothing to do with a specific dance style or with particular body techniques. The dancer moves in such a way that the units of him or his Mind, Body and Spirit have a Higher Spiritual Energy. It doesn’t matter if we call this energy “God”, “The Creator”, “The Great Spirit”, “Nature”, […]

  • Being Prepared for Winter When Raising Quail

    By raising quail and keeping a flock during the winter months. Some preparations will have to be made. Obviously, it is better to have some type of quail that avoids the cold drafts of winter. As you know from raising quail chicks, cold drafts can be a big enemy for raising quail. If a quail […]

  • Teacup Pig Tip

    Basic efficient and effective care tips for teacup pigs As most of you may already know, adopting small pigs, or mini pigs as they are known, has become a pet lover’s craze. They may have different names, such as micro mini, teacup, pixie and Juliana miniature pigs, but they all refer to an intelligent and […]

  • Equipment necessary for livestock

    Raising livestock requires a wide variety of equipment, from cattle cages to water troughs. Here is a list of basic equipment, with a brief explanation of what each item is and why it is so important. 1. Cattle Crates/Crushes Livestock crates, or cattle crates as they are sometimes called, are cages used to hold livestock […]

  • make cats "to get mad" to eat raw meat?

    Some myths about cats seem to never die and are quite difficult to correct. One such myth is the belief that cats become feral, even feral, if they are fed raw meat. This idea keeps popping up on lists, in forums, on Q&A sites, chat rooms, and yes, even in line at the grocery store […]

  • Why worry about Board Up services?

    Your home or business has been damaged by fire, flood, or some other natural disaster. There are definitely areas that are exposed and you are waiting for your insurance to start the restoration process. What should you do while waiting to get an answer on everything? Emergency boarding services are something you might want to […]

  • Chemical industry: the backbone of agricultural development

    For a long time, the food and clothing of humans depended mainly on agriculture. Although since ancient times, agriculture has always been based on a large amount of human work, which was subject to various types of natural conditions. So the development of agriculture was very slow. During the 19th century, the use of agricultural […]

  • Tips for Hunting and Calling the Gray Fox

    Unlike the typical red fox, the gray fox prefers to live in thicker areas made up of forests and dense undergrowth. With hooked claws, a gray fox has the ability to climb trees and will often seek food and shelter in a tree. They will also climb a tree to escape danger. They make their […]

  • Thieves! Really?

    When you hear the word “thief,” your mind can’t help but conjure up images of horseback riders lurking in the weedy outskirts of some prairie waiting for the moment to pounce and carve off one, two or thirty heads of prime meat. drivers bring the herd to the head of the railroad for shipment “back […]

  • Social Empowerment of Women

    Indicators of women’s social empowerment include the basis of gender inequality, sex ratios, life expectancy rates, and fertility rates that show the general status of women in terms of literacy, economic growth, availability of health care and birth control services, educational level of women, age at marriage, literacy rates and participation of women outside the […]