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  • Can I Sell Any Car Without Paying It Off First?

    Can I Sell Any Car If you have a loan on your car, you might be wondering, “Can I sell any car without paying it off first?” If the answer is yes, then you should be aware of the process. The finance company or bank holds the title as the funder of your loan. Even […]

  • The best benefits of car rental

    Car rental can bring you welcome benefits, whether you’re going on vacation or looking for a vehicle to rent for a few weeks in your hometown. The reason you may want a car may be that you don’t need one and are now planning a family driving vacation or you have a compact car and […]

  • Why buy Hummer cars?

    If you are looking for high mobility and multifunctional vehicles to buy, then Hummer cars are all you have to buy. They recently launched their new models for low profile markets. It is affordable for everyone. It is the product of the leading manufacturer in the automobile industry. They used the latest techniques to produce […]

  • Blaz’n Wheels – An exclusive wheel for an exclusive car, truck or SUV

    Think about it, everyone has a different signature. Some signatures are worth millions and others are just lines crossed out. Some people pay very little attention to this very personal statement. They write their name as fast as possible without thinking. Others are very careful about how they sign their name because they know it […]

  • Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley

    A limousine to challenge the classic Lincoln Town Car limousine is the magnificent Chrysler C300 limousine, often called the Baby Bentley due to its resemblance to the Bentley itself. For many years, the Lincoln Town Car Limousine has dominated as the 8 seater limousine of choice and continues to be very popular. But London limo […]

  • safari aunt

    Tata Safari is the first SUV entirely manufactured and designed in India by the famous Tata Motors. It is an all-terrain vehicle that also has a powerful 3.0 L common rail turbodiesel engine assisted by a 5-speed manual gearbox. First introduced in 1998, it became very popular with Indians who were eager to test drive […]

  • The only true desert in South Africa

    Experience one of the southern yet most picturesque regions of the North Cape – visit Richtersveld. With an annual rainfall of less than 70mm and temperatures of up to 50°C, the Richtersveld is one of the driest regions in South Africa, but it also has the largest variety of plants of any desert in the […]

  • What is IVMS?

    An In Vehicle Management System (IVMS), also known as GPS Tracking or Telematics, is an electronic device that is installed in a vehicle or mobile machine, which allows the owner, or an authorized third party, to collect and monitor vehicle data. Computer software specifically designed for IVMS records and monitors many aspects of an asset, […]