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  • Mascot of the University of Southern Mississippi

    The University of Southern Mississippi is located in the midsize city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The college is commonly known as the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. The Golden Eagles is the current mascot and nickname of the University, but this was not always the case. The school, founded in 1910, has a history of many different […]

  • Seychelles: a beach paradise

    Hearing that you are about to visit the pristine Seychelles, don’t be surprised if you take a deep breath and sigh with envy. This pearly archipelago comprises a group of 115 islands off the mainland of East Africa and is also the least populated country on this vast continent. Obviously, you can’t visit all 115 […]

  • Why am I so angry?

    What is the root cause of anger? Why is my body reacting to the intense anger I feel? Every part of my body aches and I find myself quietly wearing down everyone around me and road rage is at the top of my list. I can’t stand being around anyone and I’ve become antisocial. The […]

  • The Hermit of Fort Fisher

    Robert E. Harrill, also known as “The Hermit,” is a character woven into the history of Fort Fisher, NC. He surely one of the most famous characters in Pleasure Island. He has been the subject of a documentary, a book, a “society” and has written many articles about his life and his times. He lived […]

  • Maid service can help you catch up

    Do you need a cleaning service? Do you find yourself longing for a professional who can come into your home and handle necessary tasks that you don’t have time to do yourself? For many people, it’s those little things that add up over a period of time that eventually become so frustrating and overwhelming that […]

  • 20 positive thinking tips

    “The change of diet will not help a person who does not change his thoughts. When a person makes his thoughts pure, he no longer desires impure food..” – How a man thinks All of us have many thoughts running through our heads all the time, both positive and negative. positive thinking usually spawns positive […]

  • Top 5 museums to visit in Rome

    When you book a luxury hotel stay in Rome, you may have been drawn to the city by the history and culture you’ll find here. You won’t be disappointed, and one of the best ways to learn about Rome’s history is to explore its museums. Here are five of the best museums to visit while […]