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  • Lake James State Park in Nebo, North Carolina, is dog friendly

    Lake James is one of the most beautiful lakes in western North Carolina. Less than an hour’s drive away, Lake James State Park lies east of Asheville. We packed up the two eager dogs and went there on a beautiful summer weekend. There is no entrance fee. It was a nice surprise. Leashed dogs were […]

  • Fishing in the Newberry, South Carolina area

    Newberry is a historic city in central South Carolina, located just 35 miles northwest of Columbia. The area’s mild climate offers residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a number of sports and outdoor activities throughout the year. Fishing is particularly popular in the region, and the Newberry area offers several popular lakes and rivers […]

  • What is a colema?

    A natural detoxification method that is regaining its popularity in modern society is colon hydrotherapy. It is the process of completely eliminating the pounds of waste accumulated in the colon by pumping water into the colon, with regulated pressure or simply by gravity. Likewise, massage or reflexology techniques are applied to the abdomen during the […]

  • Illuminati in Kentucky

    Illuminati in Kentucky: My feverish imagination includes the probability that Andrew Jackson and the Bell Witch stories are connected with this kind of knowledge. “In his 1806 book Travels In America, Thomas Ashe writes of his experiences with a vast cavern originally discovered in 1783 beneath the city of Lexington, 300 feet long, 100 feet […]

  • Spain Paradores – Surrender to the charm of these magnificent accommodations

    Spain Paradores … No matter the nature of your trip, whether it is to sulk in the culture, have an adventure, explore the wonderful National Parks that Spain has to offer, its gastronomy or best of all relaxation, you can discover Spain through from their Paradores hotels. The Paradores are a series of unique accommodations, […]

  • Experts Take a Look at Fun Places to Visit in and Near Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is a true rarity. Situated on the edge of the Mojave Desert, the area’s excessive summer heat can even seem like it’s sometimes labeled “Sin City” is hell. But, as is often the case, there is more to this city than many would guess. The once arid desert becomes a year-round booming vacation […]

  • What to see and do on the Big Island of Hawaii

    The Big Island of Hawaii is a spectacular place to explore. You will enjoy a wide variety of activities including sightseeing, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, water sports, dolphin swim tours, deep sea fishing, whale watching and much more. Plan your own island exploration itinerary or just take the Big Island tour and let them drive […]

  • Handicap Accessible Tips and Hints for Catalina Island, California

    Catalina Island is 22 miles off the coast of Long Beach, California, the island is 75 square miles, and the only city located on the island is Avalon. The only vehicles allowed on the streets of Avalon are golf carts, and that works well, as most restaurants, shops, and attractions are within what is considered […]

  • Portland Maine Hostels

    Portland, Maine by Casco Bay, is a city where the past and the present coexist. Portland is the largest city and commercial center in Maine. Its annual tourism business exceeds 3.5 million. The reason is simple. Amidst commercial activities, the city has a wonderful cultural flavor that includes a symphony orchestra, ballet, theater, and art […]

  • Difference between Halloween and Day of the Dead

    The images of skulls, death and spirits all point to the same holidays, but these images do not evoke the same feelings for these two very different looks at death. Although the two, Halloween and the Day of the Dead, are observed during the same season, there are some key differences between the two: DAY […]