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  • The bodybuilding diet and adequate protein intake

    A normal bodybuilding diet does not need to include large amounts of protein, despite what the fitness experts say. The currently suggested average is one gram of protein per pound of body weight. That means a 200-pound man would have to consume about 200 grams of protein per day. Bodybuilding magazines recommend an even higher […]

  • How to quit smoking … without gaining weight

    Not all people gain weight when they quit smoking, but the average weight gain is about 10 pounds. Weight gain is more likely when someone has smoked for 10 to 20 years or smokes a pack or more a day. Water retention can cause misleading weight gain of up to 5 pounds in the week […]

  • I lost 11.2 pounds of weight in 2 weeks doing this

    I lost 11.2 pounds in 2 weeks by following a smart but tough diet that focused on reducing my fat and carbohydrate intake to zero. To compensate for and minimize the loss of muscle mass, I dramatically increased my protein intake. He was eating about 1 gram of protein per body weight. I started on […]

  • Racquetball: what not to do in the game

    Since its invention in the 1950s as an indoor sport, racquetball has had advocates and enthusiasts who have contributed a lot to its tradition, popularity, the refinement of its rules, and many other things. Over the years, a sort of compilation also emerged on the many points to consider during racquetball games. For beginners, this […]

  • The pros and cons of medications such as tennis elbow pain reliever

    Anti-inflammatory medications relieve tennis elbow pain. Their remarkable effect makes them very effective for a painless, quick-fix condition. These types of medications can be in the form of an injection or taken by mouth. Oral forms are considered nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are easy to take and often help control inflammation and control pain. These […]

  • 2 simple exercises for better balance

    Research has shown many times that the strength of your leg muscles greatly influences the quality of your balance and therefore your ability to prevent falls. Generally, as people get older, they use their leg muscles less, allowing those muscles to get smaller and weaker. This process is very slow and occurs over many years. […]

  • High School Wrestling: Bodyweight Training Tips

    I first learned calisthenics and bodyweight exercises in gym class in elementary school. In gym class, we mainly did push-ups, sit-ups, and jumps. I think we have also learned to do burpees and mountaineers. Our PE teacher even made us crawl bears from time to time. When I was a wrestler in high school, we […]

  • Where does all the fat go when you lose pounds?

    The world is obsessed with fad eating methodologies and weight reduction, but few of us know how fat really falls off the scale. In fact, even the 150 fitness specialists, dietitians, and trainers we reviewed shared this staggering hole in their wellness competence. The most widely recognized misconception, by a wide margin, was that fat […]

  • The 3 things you should know about smoked salmon

    Smoked salmon recommended by the American Heart Association By now, everyone has heard that smoked salmon is a delicious addition to any meal. But did you know all the benefits of this fantastic fish? Whether smoked salmon has been hot or cold smoked or even cured, the healthy nutrients it contains are priceless to the […]

  • What is a healthy diet for children? Feeding Habits

    When it comes to healthy eating, children should ensure that they have good eating habits and good eating rituals in addition to eating healthy. Eating healthy allows your child to get the nutrition he needs and allows him to grow up healthy and happy, but his eating rituals, as well as other eating habits, need […]