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  • Protect Your Family From Coronavirus

    Protect Your Family The CDC is warning that Coronavirus is on the rise, and you should take precautions to protect yourself and your family. This virus is most contagious in elderly people, so you should avoid visiting elderly relatives, as well as avoiding crowds. While you may have heard about this illness, it is still […]

  • Workout For Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

    Advanced Yoga Teacher Training The fitness component of yoga teacher training is no different than any other type of exercise. This discipline develops strength and flexibility through a variety of poses that emphasize breathing and alignment. It also teaches the correct use of the breath, proper body mechanics, and how to correctly manipulate energy. As […]

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online Cheap

    Yoga Teacher Training Online Cheap You can complete 200 hour yoga teacher training online for cheap if you find the right program. There are many different online yoga teacher training programs to choose from, and they all cover the same topics. Be sure to look for training programs that cover the foundations of yoga, including […]

  • Swollen Stomach After Heart Surgery: Healing Tips

    Heart surgery is one of the most serious and complicated types of surgery you can undergo. While there are a variety of heart surgery procedures, all should be taken seriously, and all require significant recovery and healing time. Of course, there can be major complications after heart surgery, including stroke, heart attack, severe bleeding, skin […]

  • The Prison Cell Training

    Have you ever noticed that many convicted criminals enter prison as skinny punks but come out with 20-40 pounds of new muscle? Have you ever wondered how it is possible? Recently, a client of mine asked me if I thought it was possible to build muscle, burn fat, and have a lean, muscular physique without […]

  • Healthy Foods Can Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals

    We have said that eating healthy foods will definitely help you lose weight. And someone may ask what are healthy foods? My personal definition of healthy foods is green vegetables and fruits. I also call these clean foods because they are clean, low in calories, and have no residue after eating. Unlike high calorie foods […]

  • Dirty New Orleans Voodoo BBQ Sauce Recipe

    This sauce is dirty, low and dirty, which means we get to the bottom of things, the real ingredients of what a sauce should be. In New Orleans people can move slowly, but nobody has time to play. The world is full of things these days that are added to our food that are not […]

  • Free Yoga Certification Online

    Free Yoga Certification Choosing a free yoga certification online course can be difficult, especially with so many options available. While many of these programs offer some useful content, you are often limited to a small sample of the content. Some free online courses will offer you a trial membership and a three-month payment plan for […]