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  • Make photo frames with DIY framing tools

    Imagine being able to frame your own photographs, prints, tapestries and artwork like a pro. Picture framing is quite fun and easy to do yourself. There are 5 easy steps to framing. Step 1 – How to Cut Rugs Adding a colored border (the mat) around your artwork enhances the image and provides a quiet […]

  • Week 32 Healthy Meal with Healthy Leftovers Idea

    Healthy food of the week: Baked Chicken and Rice Healthy leftover idea: Chicken Melt Sandwich Here’s a meal that can basically be made in a skillet inside the oven, making the whole thing so convenient. Aside from the minor prep work you need to do, for the most part once everything is placed inside the […]

  • Chest freezers are more useful than you think

    When you think of a chest freezer, a box type of commercial refrigeration equipment comes to mind. Although this is mostly true, these units are available in various sizes and designs. They can also be used by different people or establishments. Chest freezers are popular with homeowners who have many family members to serve. They […]

  • Shopping addiction: how to stop compulsive shopping

    My shopping addiction almost cost me more than money “How did this happen again?” I whispered. There I was left with unopened credit card bills that had been hidden under my bed so my husband wouldn’t find them. I felt like I was going to throw up just standing there with the bills in front […]

  • How to distinguish real copper from fake when decorating a house

    A reliable way to obtain real copper products is to order from a well-known company. However, if one is in the market for a copper range hood or sink, it is important to verify that it is real so that they can properly assess it and make an informed purchase. Whether it’s a range hood, […]

  • Marble and Granite Products – Working Wonders in Home Construction

    Marble and granite products have been used in house construction since ancient times. Its elegance and beauty has been creating magnificent interiors and exteriors for all types of residential, commercial and palatial buildings for centuries. These natural stone products provide multiple benefits during home construction and even after. In addition to beauty and elegance, they […]

  • Staging your home for a faster sale and more money

    Your home staging is Marketing 101. You want your home to stand out from the crowd. Staged homes sell faster and for more money. Therefore, consider the small expense of staging as an investment, not a cost. Many real estate agents prepare houses for their clients by suggesting that they paint them, remove the curtains, […]

  • Dice Lore: the meaning of the color of your dice

    Back in the old days…uh…mid 70’s, there wasn’t really any choice as to what Color your RPG dice. The dice that came with the original D&D boxes were a done deal. You have a white D20 (0-9 twice), no D10 (use the d20 of course!), a blue D12, a green D8, a red d6 and […]

  • Things to consider for a home extension

    So you’ve decided to enjoy the many benefits of a home extension. Although it is a good choice, there are certain important factors that must be taken into account to make the process easier, more profitable and stress-free. Here in this article let us discuss some of them. The most important consideration is to verify […]

  • 6 Popular Interior Decorating Topics You Should Know About

    Your home is a perfect reflection of your personal style. There are a large number of interior decoration themes that suit our preferences. Whether it’s the eclectic bohemian theme or the subtle minimalist vibe, there are different types of style that speak to your soul. For all those people looking to remodel their homes, here […]