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  • Can a pre-existing condition affect a personal injury claim?

    People are often reluctant to disclose pre-existing conditions during a personal injury lawsuit. This is an understandable sentiment given that the at-fault party’s insurance company may not want to voluntarily pay the claim. They will be even less inclined to do so if they discover that a client did not disclose pre-existing conditions. The client […]

  • Create a calendar with photos: Spice up a calendar with your photo

    A calendar is essential for each and every person, and there is not a place, not even a computer and a cell phone, that does not have a calendar. The calendar is a page that shows the dates, days, and months of a year and usually contains numbers, text, and illustrations. Over the years, we […]

  • Business Etiquette Awareness Quiz – Your Manners Matter! Do they make the degree?

    Manners in the workplace do matter! Many studies have shown that rudeness in the workplace creates tension and stress in all types of office environments. Business etiquette encompasses much more than saying “please,” “thank you,” “hello,” and “goodbye” to coworkers, although these common courtesies help. Test your knowledge of etiquette. How would you handle these […]

  • The best way to find specific new subscribers for your email marketing campaign

    In the world of internet marketing, the most important asset is a target market. With the help of targeted email marketing, you can increase your sales and profits online as you can build a list of email subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer. In today’s lesson, I’ll provide you with information […]

  • Why is buying and selling through free classifieds a good idea?

    Connecting with potential customers is the key to success, regardless of the nature and scale of your business; you should try to reach the people who are likely to buy. The question that arises next is how do you make a move? People, for that matter, potential customers must know about it. Only then will […]

  • To Do List Webinar

    There is a lot to do to organize a successful webinar. But, if you arrange to get everything done ahead of time and have a cheat sheet or to-do list to help you not forget anything, then you will go through it without a problem. Let this be the beginning of your cheat sheet. Choose […]

  • How to use LinkedIn to develop your business

    1) When you have important news about your business, for example a great product launch or a joint venture, use LinkedIn to notify your contacts via a profile update. And in the accompanying email message on the web, say “I’d love to catch up with you, would you like to make time for a phone […]

  • Catering for the Chinese market

    In the first quarter of 2006, the Chinese economy grew by 10.2%. With increasing growth in the Chinese market and the continued and steady growth forecast for the future, it is prudent for Western companies to research what the Chinese market wants and needs before diving into the Chinese market. These are the current trends […]