Can I skip a month of my jerky subscription box?

Can I skip a month of my jerky subscription box?

Unlock a world of flavorful premium jerky with our Jerky Subscription. You’ll discover new artisans and flavors that you can’t find at the gas station.

The perfect snack for anyone who loves to try out new flavours. It’s also an amazing gift for any jerky lover.


Jerky enthusiasts can enjoy curated flavors from all over the country with a monthly subscription box. From two bags of premium jerky delivered monthly to as many as eight different flavors, there is a subscription for every lifestyle.

From smoky maple bacon to fiery habanero, the options for jerky are endless. Subscription boxes are ideal for jerky lovers who want to try new flavors and support small artisan jerky makers across the nation.

Give a loved one the gift of delicious jerky that is free of hidden ingredients with a jerky subscription box. You can add a personalized gift note at checkout to make the experience even more special. The recipient will enjoy this thoughtful, long-term gift well into the future. They’ll have a variety of exciting flavors to enjoy on their own or share with friends. They can also cancel their subscription or change their shipping preference at any time. For even greater value, you can purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid subscription.


With jerky subscriptions starting at two bags a month and going all the way up to eight, there’s a perfect option for every budget. Each box offers a curated selection of premium artisan jerky, so you can try new flavors and discover your favorites.

Supporting small-town jerky artisans is one of the best parts of this type of snack subscription. They work tirelessly to create flavors that you won’t find at the grocery store, and a subscription helps them keep their business thriving.

Giving this type of gift is also a great way to show someone how much you care. Each box can be personalized with a free downloadable gift card that lets them know who sent the box and includes space for your message. They’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift long into the future, and it’s a delicious reminder of how much you love them. Click below to start your jerky subscription today. You’ll be glad you did!


Once you’ve established a niche market and found your customer profile, it’s time to get started on the actual logistics of running a subscription box business. This includes opening a small business checking account, brushing up on customer service etiquette, and making an inventory management plan. It also involves calculating your marketing costs, including SEO, flyers and marketing emails.

Depending on your business model, you may also need to pay for shipping and credit card fees. You will need to factor in these costs when determining your subscription box pricing.

Regardless of how great your subscription box is, one of the biggest challenges in this space is getting customers to stick around. As a result, it’s important to make the cancellation process as easy as possible. Michael McCall, a consumer behavior expert at Ithaca College, says that the difficulty of canceling is often enough to keep people from calling it quits even after they’ve lost interest in a service.


For some, it can be a challenging task to keep pantry shelves, cupboards, glove boxes and pants pockets stocked with a variety of delicious beef jerky. It requires near-constant trips to the grocery store, avoiding distractions like large cups of carbonated sugar water and novelty baseball hats, and then remembering to stock up while there so they don’t run out of their favorite snack.

Thankfully, there is a better way. With Jerky of the Month, you can get a curated selection of premium artisan jerky delivered to your door each month, all year long.

Whether you’re a casual jerky snacker or a die-hard jerky aficionado, we have the perfect subscription for you. Choose your box size, delivery frequency and add a personalized gift note for free! A great gift is one that provides long-term enjoyment, and monthly shipments of delicious gourmet jerky will remind them how much you care for them well into the future.

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