Pregnancy and insomnia

Insomnia is very difficult to deal with during pregnancy. You’re already dealing with mood swings and fatigue that need a good night’s sleep, but how can you do it when insomnia is keeping you awake?

Insomnia usually appears near the end of pregnancy and can appear between 32 and 40 weeks, depending on the woman and the pregnancy. It is quite easy to see why you have insomnia at that moment, after all, your tummy is getting bigger and it is difficult to be comfortable, you have to urinate every hour and who could sleep knowing that you are weeks or less away from seeing your little baby. the baby you’ve been holding for so long. If you are dealing with insomnia, you can try some of these tricks that may help.

Warm milk and honey

As the milk heats up, it releases tryptophan, an amino acid that makes you feel tired. Eating honey requires your body to produce insulin, which can make you sleepy. Turkey also has tryptophan, so you could have a turkey sandwich as a bedtime snack.

Eat well

I know they tell you to eat right over and over again during pregnancy, because it can help with many symptoms, but it’s true. Eating right can help with many problems, including insomnia. First, your body won’t keep you awake because you’re hungry, and second, your body will sleep better when it has the nutrients it needs.


Exercising during the day can keep your body in tip-top shape, helping you sleep better. Also, if you exercise, your body will be tired and ready to sleep when it’s time. Avoid exercise 2 hours before bedtime because it releases adrenaline, which can keep you awake.

Body pillow

If you have trouble sleeping due to comfort, getting a body pillow will definitely help. They make body pillows in all different sizes and shapes, so look around and get one that you think will be the best. Personally, I like a full-body pillow that supports my back, goes between my legs for comfort, and has something in front to wrap my arms and keep my shoulders comfortable.

Take a bath

Taking a warm bath at night can help your body relax and prepare you for sleep. Adding essential oils like lavender and chamomile can help. You can also use a lavender soap, I only used lavender baby bath soap, to help you calm down and relax your mind.

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