Weight Loss: Should You Enjoy Keto Snacks?

With so many people jumping on the “ketogenic diet” train right now, more and more people are beginning to wonder if this diet plan is for them. Even if you’re not on a ketogenic diet, it would be hard not to have seen specific ketogenic foods popping up in your supermarket now.

Marketers are aware of the fact that the ketogenic diet doesn’t seem to go where they wanted it to and are starting to make “ready-to-go” keto snacks. Should you indulge yourself?

Here are some points to keep in mind about ketogenic products …

1. Calories matter. First, take note of the calories that matter the most here. Too many people dive into including keto snacks in their eating plan without even thinking about calorie counting. If you eat a snack that contains 400 calories, you will have to take that into account somewhere!

Compare this to a non-traditional keto snack, like an apple, with 100 calories, and which do you think is best for your weight loss plan? You could even add a little peanut butter to the apple to help balance it better and it would still be under 200 calories, far less than the calories from the keto snack.

2. Keto does not necessarily mean “weight loss friendly”. Also, remember that the ketogenic diet does not mean that it is weight loss friendly. While many people use the ketogenic diet to lose weight, you still need to think about calories as just noted. Some people use this diet for health reasons, and many of these snacks are marketed better because they are not watching their calories as much.

Just because a product claims it’s ketogenic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s designed to help you lose weight. The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet, so you greatly reduce your carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat.

3. Check the nutrition. Lastly, also consider nutrition. If the keto snack is heavily processed like many, and you’re aiming to replace some of the high-carb processed snacks in your eating plan, they’re still not always healthy. A chocolate bar is never a good option, regardless of whether it is a keto bar or not. So don’t lose your common sense just because you see the term “keto.”

By keeping these points in mind, you should be better prepared to decipher the marketing of ketogenic products and make sure they don’t divert you from your smart healthy eating course.

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