Newport RI: one of a kind with these four experiences

Whether you’re heading out to experience the vibrant harbor area, reliving the Gilded Age in a Newport mansion, taking in breathtaking views of Ocean Drive, or strolling the famous Cliff Walk, Newport RI is one of a kind and your gateway. . to all this … and much more.

Newport RI is located at the eastern mouth of Narragansett Bay. You can get to the Newport Bridge from the west on Route 138, or the Mt. Hope Bridge from the northeast on Route 114.

Founded in 1639, Newport quickly became a major seaport with trade routes to the West Indies. Years have passed when a major seaport ended the British blockade in 1776.

In the 19th century, Newport came to the fore again, but this time as a summer playground for America’s rich and wealthy, who also bought their yachts to compete in Newport.


The center of the harbor area is Bannister’s and Bowen’s Wharf’s. Here you can “look” on a yacht while sipping your favorite drink or savoring steamed mussels, my personal favorite.

The alleys in the dock area are lined with specialty shops, restaurants, and open-air bars. In summer, this is a good area to visit in the mid-morning or late afternoon, when there are not so many people.

To really experience the harbor, take the “The Spirit of Newport” Harbor Cruise departing from Bowen’s Wharf. This is a one hour narrated tour and passes many amazing attractions.


For many, their reason for visiting Newport RI is Newport Mansions.

The original owners affectionately called the mansions “summer cabins” because they were only used 6 to 12 weeks a year during the summer season. These are 70- and 80-room homes, and masterpieces down to the last wooden beam – or marble!

There are about 13 mansions in total to visit in Newport RI, with most of them located on or around Bellevue Avenue. The Newport County Preservation Society operates ten of these and offers combined price tickets. I suggest you try to visit no more than three in a day.

The most popular mansions are The Breakers, Marble House, and The Elms. But to experience something different, visit The Astors’ Beechwood, where the role-play hosts will literally treat you like a guest.


Ocean Drive is a 10-mile route that begins at Bellevue Avenue and follows Ocean Avenue around a rocky peninsula with fishing coves, swimming beaches, and public parks.

The Ocean Avenue portion of the trail is probably the most picturesque with magnificent houses on rocky necks amid the backdrop of a windy Atlantic Ocean. You will see many people fishing and others climbing the rocks looking for creatures in the tidal pools. Why not stop and join them?

Brenton State Park is located midway on Newport RI Ocean Drive, and is one of my family’s special stopping places for a picnic and kite flying. The park is pet friendly and has tables and grills; however, bring your own charcoal.

When you exit the park, you will head back to Newport Harbor, and while the returning scenery is not that spectacular, you will pass the Castle Hill Lighthouse, Hammersmith Farm, and Fort Adams State Park.


The Cliff Walk will give you spectacular views of the ocean, but some parts are more of an adventure experience than an easy walk, and not recommended for young children.

It is 31/2 miles long on trails that in some areas have been eroded and abused by the area’s natural weather patterns. Wear sneakers if you can and be cautious.

The North End Cliff Walk begins where Memorial Blvd meets Easton’s Beach.

The first part of the hike is smooth on good pavement and takes you to The Forty Steps. After the steps, you will have great views of Ocher Point, Ocher Court, Cave Cliff, and Vineland.

Now you are heading towards Bailey’s beach at the southern end of the hike. This is a bumpy stretch and at times the trail gets small and even seems to stop. However, by climbing over the rocks, you will soon be free at home and can enjoy more stunning views of the ocean area.

So are you ready to experience Newport RI? Put on your sneakers, pack a picnic, and prepare for plenty of Kodak moments on this trip.

For more details on these experiences and many others, visit the city’s official website at

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