Ten Simple Ways to Meet Lesbian and Bisexual Women

Many women have been comfortable with the fact that they are attracted to other women, but they often have no idea how to meet other women who are similarly attracted. It is perfectly understandable. Many of us have been married, have a busy work life, and simply haven’t had time to keep up with our social activities, let alone socialize with lesbian or bisexual women. Here are ten ways you can meet lesbian and bisexual women, both online and in the real world.

1. Online discussion forums and chat rooms for lesbians and bisexual women. Start googling lesbian social sites, discussion forums, and activity groups. Take the time to post messages, participate in groups, and join live chats. If you see someone who piques your interest, send them a polite private message to introduce yourself. Above all, have fun and get involved. You will share and learn knowledge in the process.

2. There are several lesbian dating sites online.. Lesbian dating sites can be a great place to meet women who are looking for the same thing as you. Lesbian dating is a big business online, so if you really want to meet someone, there are a few things you can do to greatly improve your chances of successfully meeting the right woman online. Join several of the major dating sites. Write a profile and include a recent photo of yourself. Make yourself look interesting. You can, tell them about your hobbies or interests. Be light and fun to invite responses. Don’t just sit back and wait. Browse the profiles and send some friendly messages to let women know that you are interested in them. Lastly, don’t stop too soon. It can take months to find Mrs. Right. Anything worth waiting is worth waiting for, right? Give it a little time and maybe you will be successful.

3. Social networking sites They have only been around for a few years, but they have quickly become a way to meet interesting people both locally and globally. Beware of gamers, but there are thousands of potential friends waiting to be found on these networks. Most social networking sites allow you to search by geographic location (and sexual orientation) to meet new friends in your area, or perhaps in areas where you will be traveling.

4. Gay and lesbian bars It can be a great way to go out and socialize with women who speak your language. Most larger cities and many smaller towns have gay and lesbian bars or hangouts where you can meet lesbian and bisexual women. If you are shy, find a friend to accompany you the first time, then meet a few people so you don’t have to go in alone. Do some research before you go. Many of these bars and clubs have a website where you can check when they have a women’s night, karaoke, shows, etc. Sometimes it is easier to show up when there is something that interests you. My maternal instinct kicks in here, so I should tell you to be careful around alcoholics and drug addicts, but you can meet nice people in bars and nightclubs.

5. Gay and lesbian social groups they exist in many cities. A quick Google search could uncover a local gay and lesbian hub, straight gay alliances at local colleges / universities, or even a lesbian social group. Look for local lesbian mailing lists on Yahoo and similar services. Sometimes these groups have websites or print publications where you can introduce yourself. The more you network and meet people, the more new people you will meet as you are introduced to friends of friends.

6. Lesbian love sport activities whether they are playing or watching. Softball, volleyball, and basketball are common lesbian interests. So is watching professional sports teams. Many communities have professional women’s sports teams, such as soccer or basketball. If you show up, you will surely find lesbians playing and watching. This is especially helpful advice if you live in a smaller city where there are no openly gay and lesbian activities.

7. Church – Yes, churches can be a great way to meet lesbian women. If your community has a “welcoming congregation,” that generally means the church welcomes gay and lesbian people. The Metropolitan Community Churches, the Unitarian Universalist Churches, and the United Church of Christ, among others, are known to be welcoming churches. Chances are you meet lesbian and bisexual women who never go to bars. If you are looking for a committed relationship, this might not be a bad place to meet suitable women.

8. Gay neighborhoods and business centers they exist in many larger cities. Do some research to see if there are gay and lesbian neighborhoods in your area. If so, there will surely be coffee shops and lesbian hangouts in the neighborhood. You will often find LGBT businesses clustered in a mall, on a street, or in a neighborhood.

9. Gay local posts They usually contain personal announcements, organizations, welcome businesses, a calendar of upcoming events, concerts, and news of interest to the local community. You can try a Google search for these posts or search local gay and lesbian bars or businesses. They frequently store LGBT posts for their clients.

10. Perhaps one of the most effective ways to meet lesbian and bisexual women is through friends. Never discount the power of friends and networking. If you can only meet one or two lesbian or bisexual friends, that’s enough to get you started. It’s great to have friends anyway, but they can introduce you to their lesbian and bisexual friends, and before you know it, you’ll have a ton of friends. With these new friends comes the opportunity to meet even more people, participate in fun activities with their new friends like hikes, sports, card games or whatever.

I have dedicated much of my life to helping other lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious women overcome their feelings and develop meaningful relationships. I sincerely hope that something here can help make a difference in your life.

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