Delta 8 vape pen review – The Pure Clear Delta8 Vaporizer Pen Review

Delta 8 vape pen review

This Delta 8 vape pen review will take a brief look at the new juice method which comes as a refillable single serve e-juice bottle. The reason it’s called “pure” is because it’s comprised of nothing but all natural 100% fruit and vegetable juice which are extracted from the apples and mixed with a natural sweetener. The end result is a very concentrated liquid which you, the user, can then put into your own bottle and drink as you would regular soda or juice. You’ll have to mix the nutrients into your pen by hand, as there isn’t a built in mixing device like there is with the V-Tech Juice+ or the O2 Juicer. To make it even more potent, you can also add the sweetener of your choice, as well as lemon or lime juice for that extra tartness.

pure clear delta 8

The Delta8 Vaporizer pen is designed to be easy to use. It has a touch screen which makes it very easy to use. One of the best features of this pen is the long life of the batteries it uses. The Vaping Universe electric pen lasts up to an hour and fifty minutes on a full charge, which is just about the longest lasting time any pen will last on you. It is extremely simple to refill as well, even though you have to use some sort of liquid medium to do so.

As far as the actual use of the Pen itself, it’s pretty much what you would expect. You put in the juice and turn on the pen. There is a sensor on the bottom right corner of the pen that allows you to start out with a low draw (softly). You can increase the draw as you go along. There is a control switch on the top left corner which switches the colors used for the indicator liquid and when you switch to the liquid mode, the LED screen lights up. In a word, this is a great little pen!

Delta 8 vape pen review – The Pure Clear Delta8 Vaporizer Pen Review

I like the overall design of the pen. The body is stainless steel and the cap is rubbery. It comes with an adjustment screw that lets you customize the amount of juice you want to put into the pen. You can get this to anywhere from one or two milliliters to four ounces. This means that the liquid will get there faster so you don’t waste any. There is a side hole to add juice if you like, but the most important feature is the easy to draw trigger.

The reason this pen is so great is because it allows you to keep track of how much juice you are putting into your bottle or container. This is rather difficult to do manually, but the Delta8 DIY Juice Plus gives you a built in reminder so you can see at the bottom of the bottle how much you have left. When you need more juice, just take the cap off and add another. If you like, you can use this to prevent waste by not topping off your bottle.

In conclusion, the Delta8 DIY Juice Plus pen really makes it easy to get a bottle of e-juice. There is not waste, and the reminder system is really great. If you enjoy creating your own e-juices, you will really like this pen. If you don’t have any experience in this area, you might not think it’s worth the money, but I would argue it is worth it.

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