Dachshund Problems – How Can You Solve It for GOOD?

Although each dog has a unique quality, you will find that Dachshund issues have the same concerns as in the human world, since it is best for young children to learn.

Naturally, dogs are constantly given a tendency to bark, whine, scratch, chew, and dig wherever they want.

As is already known, behavior coaching must start early; it is the shared principle to apply this to overcome Dachshund problems. Read on to discover helpful Dachshund troubleshooting tips.

dachshund aggression

A Dachshund can now be a lively, gentle dog with a friendly personality when properly won over, but originally Dachshunds are dogs with an instinct to hunt smaller prey such as rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Inadequate and insufficient training at a young age can worsen this drive.

Dachshunds have a tendency to overreact, attack new people or animals in the home, and become effortlessly aggressive. Dachshund owners should be aware of this mutual behavior among Dachshunds.

You must show your Dachshund early on that you are the boss. When you interact with your Dachshund dog, you should always introduce a strong alpha presence. The training of the Dachshunds must be aimed at making them aware that you are the boss and that they must obey you. And this needs to become a must do situation to maintain the boss-dog relationship.

Driven to hunt prey

Small animals are the Dachshund’s favorite prey. They like to chase squirrels or your neighbor’s cats or other small dogs. Instinct from his hunting past makes this a side effect.

If you receive cats, it is ideal to get your Dachshund to meet them at an early age. Don’t forget to lace your Dachshund if you go out. You could be in big trouble if your Dachshund attacks your neighbor’s pets.

What is dachshund separation anxiety?

As common as it can be found in humans, separation anxiety is a condition that a dog also experiences. When you leave your dogs home alone, they can develop separation anxiety disorder similar to people who are away from the people they love very much. Separation from their bosses can make dogs agitated and worried.

The condition can be exacerbated if you pay too much attention to them when going out or coming home.

You need to be careful if you leave your untrained Dachshund home alone. Dogs can be destructive to themselves and the furniture in the house if they are anxious.

Symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs

  • destructive chewing
  • howling, barking, moaning
  • Urination, defecation in the house.
  • self mutilation

Digging and scratching at doors or windows in an attempt to find their way or reunite with their owner.

Their instinct as a social animal makes dogs always want to be with their owner. It is absolutely not recommended to leave dogs alone for days; being alone for eight hours is the most your dogs can handle. Leaving your dogs alone will make them Separation Anxious and nervous. In their eagerness to make you come back, they will start to bark.

You need to take this problem seriously because it really affects the well-being of your dog and the sanctity of your home. You should teach your Dachshund not to seek attention after or before you put him down from when he is little.

This problem should be reported to your family members so that they are vigilant. Too intimate a gesture can make your dog anxious.

Neurotic Dog Problem – This Can Be One Of The Annoying Dachshund Problems

In addition to separation anxiety, the Dachshund can be agitated by a number of things: scratching, digging, a small sound, or others. Do your best to give them lots of exercises and keep them busy by giving them toys to play with.

At least 1 or 2 hours a day of exercise and/or active life will make your dog happy.

Keeping dogs outside is not a good idea because as a social animal they always want to live indoors with the family. You can solve the problem of loneliness by giving your Dachshund another breed as his friend. Your dog training program can be very successful if you can spend the first year or two with it most of the time.

While Dachshunds are just a small dog, they tend to be reserved for aliens and make good watchdogs and do bark loudly. They will not only bark at strangers but will also bark at small disturbances or noises or just to get attention.

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