How to Evoke the Desi Spirit With desifavors

Desi Spirit With desifavors

There’s something alluring about South Asian decor. From marigold garlands to intricate mandala art, each element tells a story of tradition and heritage. Entrepreneur Shilpi Reddy is on a mission to make Indian culture more accessible through her company, desifavors, an online store for traditional handmade crafts and decor. Reddy’s unique designs evoke the spirit of India while celebrating the diverse cultures and traditions of her global clientele.

Founded in 2017, desifavors brings Indian culture to parties, religious events and family gatherings. Their merchandise includes gifts for rakhi and diwali, DIY backdrop kits, god keepsakes, cheriyal art sunglass holders and dream catchers that reflect Indian craftsmanship. Their products also showcase the latest trends in home decoration and gifting.

Reddy says that many of her customers are interested in incorporating a more desi feel into their homes, which is a great way to celebrate your roots. She suggests using a palette of reds and earthy tones like terracotta in your decor and adding accents that reflect Hindu culture. For example, Reddy says that lotus and elephant motifs are commonly seen in Indian home decor. However, it’s important to use these elements in moderation because too much can overpower your space.

Another trend that has been popular is a mix of modern and traditional pieces. Reddy says that this style can bring a sense of balance to any room. For example, she recommends using a brass urli or wooden elephant face as an art piece alongside modern furniture or woven rugs.

How to Evoke the Desi Spirit With desifavors

While it’s easy to get lost in the details, Reddy says that moderation is key for any homeowner looking to incorporate Indian decor into their homes. She advises using bright colors sparingly and using them as a highlight color to create an overall sense of balance. She also suggests introducing the Indian aesthetic through traditional fabrics such as hand-woven rugs or cushions and incorporating them into your furniture by using embroidered pillows or blankets.

In addition to bringing Desi culture to the US, desifavors hopes to pay kindness forward by continuing to source their materials from other small and remote villages in countries like India. By doing so, they hope to become a significant social enterprise that promotes Asian culture in developed countries and provides income for less privileged rural families.

Infuse your space with the essence of Desi spirit using delightful DesiFavors. Start by adorning your home with vibrant rangoli, echoing traditional patterns. Embrace the fragrant allure of Indian incense and floral arrangements for an aromatic touch. Choose colorful torans to symbolize prosperity at entrances. Elevate the ambiance with intricate diyas and brass decor, harmonizing tradition with modern elegance. Opt for intricately designed Pooja essentials to create a sacred corner. Celebrate the richness of Indian culture through DesiFavors, ensuring your space radiates the warmth and charm that define Desi homes.

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