How Do I Automate My Home System With EVVR?

Home System With EVVR

EVVR is the leading home automation control hub in a highly scalable solution, bringing smart devices from different brands to one App view and controlling them with simplicity. EVVR also prioritizes security and reliability with strong privacy features such as encrypting data when accessing smart devices remotely.

EVVR Pad S is a no neutral wire required In-Wall Relay Smart Switch that turns any 2-gang light switches into a fully functional smart switch in minutes. The EVVR Center Lite is one of the best Z-Wave hubs for your smart home, providing reliable connectivity to all major smart device brands like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings and more. Supports a variety of communication protocols such as Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus, BLE, Wi-Fi and RS-485.

EVVR Center also offers expansion slots for 4G/5G module, Zigbee module and Sub-1 GHz Proprietary Protocol module. It ensures security with its enterprise-class data encryption via a peer-to-peer network connection and processes all private information locally, in real time. Connect and automate a variety of devices, such as sensors, door locks, lights, entertainment systems, HVACs and more with just a single app on your smartphone. EVVR’s intuitive system attunes smart technology to your lifestyle and helps you free up your time for living. Your information is kept local, never in the cloud for total privacy and security. EVVR Center even works with voice control to make your life easier and more efficient.

How Do I Automate My Home System With EVVR?

EVVR App is designed with humans in mind to create a home automation experience that is intuitive. Devices are easily grouped and managed by their location in the space or by their devices, making it easy to find what you want with just a swipe. All data is stored locally on the app and not in the cloud, providing privacy and security. EVVR also has a role-based access model so that different users can see only what they need.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is an intelligent solution that monitors the power usage of your connected devices and offers real-time consumption reports for convenience and energy savings. It can be controlled by the EVVR App and can also be switched off remotely when not in use to cut electricity costs. The smart plug is ideal for those who want to save on energy bills while contributing to a green future. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices.

Lighting is essential in making a space feel comfortable, whether it’s brightening a hallway or highlighting a painting. EVVR’s smart light switches are designed with humans in mind, making it easier than ever for homeowners and system integrators to set up and control their smart home.

Easily create and customize scenes based on the day or mood you are feeling. For example, set a “welcome home” scene to turn on the lights and play your favorite music at the perfect volume when you arrive. Or, create a “family moment” to dim the lights and play a calming playlist when it’s time for your family to enjoy dinner together. Connect and control devices with multi protocols including standard Zigbee, Sub-1 GHz proprietary protocol, and Wi-Fi. With a trusted local connection without the need for a bridge or cloud, private data is processed and stored locally with enterprise-class data encryption.

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