Why you should buy an Anita Jeram mug

Due to the fact that we use them every day, mugs have proven to be an incredibly popular gift option. Having something beautifully decorated to drink can help lift our spirits if we need a boost, and it can brighten our mornings considerably when it comes to the first cup of tea or coffee.

We spend so much time trying to meet the needs of others (whether that means taking care of our family or making sure we do well at work) that it’s nice to treat ourselves to something special every now and then.

So if your mug collection is looking tired or in short supply, it may be time to invest in a new one for that all-important morning mug.

You can decide to buy a unique and special mug for yourself, or you can choose to invest in matching mugs for guests to use as well. Some people even choose to bring their own mug to work to have something to remind them of their home life to cheer them on during coffee breaks.

Whether you’re looking for that special mug or a whole new set, you can’t go wrong with a cute and quirky design from Anita Jeram. There are several to choose from based on your personal preferences, but the most popular varieties are the ones that feature his infamous Two Bad Mice watercolor drawings.

If you like mice, the Chocoholics design is for you. The beautiful porcelain features a line of sweet white mice bearing chocolates, including one on the inside rim of the mug. It is made from the finest Chinese porcelain with a 300ml capacity, making it small enough to fit under most coffee machines. This means that it could be ideal to wear to work.

An alternative mouse design is the Sugar Mice mug, which shows a group of mice carrying cakes. This cup of tea would be the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon portion and you could even buy some if you have friends. Again, it is a small size cup that you can easily place with your hands and use with most coffee machines.

Anita Jeram also specializes in bunny designs, some of which come with sweet sayings.

The Some Bunny to Love design is equally charming and shows two rabbits kissing, one with a carrot in hand. In the back there is a sweet bunny nibbling on a carrot. Like all Two Bad Mice mugs, this one comes in a beautiful gift box, so it will feel like a real treat when you open it.

If dogs are your thing, the Laid Back Kind of Guy design is the one for you. It shows a dog sleeping in the front and in the back, one on an armchair and one on a footstand. Inside the mug, there is another sleeping puppy spread out that will make you smile every time you bring it to your lips.

This gorgeous design is perfect for sleepy afternoons on the couch with a steaming cup of tea or coffee, and will make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Alternatively, you can buy it for a dad or partner, or buy the entire Anita Jeram collection for when guests come over for tea.

These cute and quirky designs can be found online by visiting Anita Jeram’s website or by searching for her products through a branded gift provider.

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