The ELF Method of Network Marketing: Make It Easy, Profitable, and Fun

The secret to network marketing success is short and simple: E – L – F. Make it easy. Make it lucrative. Make it fun. If you can follow these three easy steps, your business will take off at an incredible rate.

Step one: make it easy.

If you are running an individual program, you can complicate your business as much as you want. But if your success depends on the growth of your downline and the efforts of others in your network, you should make it easy. Simple processes can be learned and duplicated. However, that massive marketing training system you bought online is not simple and the strategies taught cannot be easily duplicated. (You know the training I’m receiving. It cost you $ 2000 and you learned 80 marketing secrets the gurus “don’t want you to know.” And it has a clear copyright warning against sharing the content with anyone else.)

So how do you make it ‘easy’ if you haven’t bought thousands of dollars worth of training material? Everyone has a force. You just need to find yours. For example, my strength is writing. I attract people through my articles. Others may find that their strength is in speaking. They should focus on attracting people through videos or podcasts.

Identify your strength, learn more about it, and share it. For writers, learn about good copy. Write about it. For speakers, learn about video editing. Make a video about it. You can diversify further once you have mastered your strength.

Step two: make it profitable.

I love affiliate marketing. I find great tools, write about them, and when other people sign up to use those tools, I earn a commission. It is lucrative.

Just make sure the products you are recommending are the ones you know and trust. Don’t choose random items from ClickBank or other affiliate marketing sites, which may or may not provide value to your readers. Your reputation is at stake. Sell ​​trash to someone and they will never trust you again. Sell ​​someone something that is a lot, that you love and that you think should be shared with others, and you will build trust and loyalty with your readers.

Trust and loyalty, by the way, is the key to growing your downline in your core business.

Step three: make it fun.

No kid says, “I want a boring job when I grow up.” Or “I want a job that makes me rich and irritable.” When I was a kid, I dreamed of having a fun career. As an adult, that dream is still intact. Find a way to make it fun.

I send inspirational quotes because it amuses me. But here are some other ideas to make networking fun:

Have a friendly contest with a networker from a different business. See who can get the most YouTube views within a given time frame. The loser owes the winner a free sample.

Find some great graphics for your blog or a funny joke to add to your email campaign.

Make a video of your mistakes. Remember that stupid face you made in that video? Or that time your tongue got painfully stuck? Edit them into a fun video. Laugh at that. (Do not post it on YouTube).

Enjoy! And make today an ELF day!

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