Musician Websites: A New Must-Have Model

For increased fan engagement and unity, all emerging musicians need the most important aspect of an online presence for music promotion: a website. A website is not just a place to sell your music, it can be much, much more. A website will attract potential fans and be a place where current fans and super fans can get updates. A website is a place to post music, a tool to represent your brand, a portfolio for all your creations and products. It’s the face of your band, the first thing people will see, and therefore a professionally built site will show that your music and band have reached a specific standard and are already producing content worth listening to. It will act as the primary source for finding and helping others connect to your social networking sites. Your website will make all your content accessible.

To use your website as a fan engagement funnel, make sure you hit the big three; address the three different types of fans.

1) Potential fans: For them, you want to make a good first impression. What they want to see is a website that is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. This includes your choice of colors, fonts, images, and order. These people aren’t involved with your site, so they just want to quickly find the information they’re looking for and leave; but these people can also become new fans, so include a music player with full versions of your best songs (free is the best way to promote music independently in the beginning) and have all this on the front page!

2) Current fans: These people are the vast majority of your fan base. For them, create a well-crafted biography that becomes personal and realistic. You can also try blogging and having content or images behind the scenes. Stay up-to-date and have easy-to-navigate merchandise, albums, tickets, and tour information on the site so they can boost their music promotion. Different price points and different designs will also always be an advantage.

3) Super Fans – You may not have many yet, but they are the majority of your buyers and site visitors according to the well-known 80/20 rule. So keep them happy, constantly updated and interested. Tell them the stories behind your songs, behind your lyrics, do some music PR on your side. Have a login system and membership option to give them the option of exclusivity. Offer meet and greets and special previews.

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