Master Cleanse – Forty Day Information

Since the 1940s, Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse has been helping solve people’s health problems. The cleanse has also been called the lemonade diet. Mr. Burroughs published his book, The Master Cleanse, in 1976. Since then, thousands of people have benefited from the simple, basic plan he created. When the cleanup plan was introduced, there were many skeptics as with any new method presented to the public.

Professionals thought the mixture of fresh lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and water was the current snake oil remedy. They believed it was just another plan to make Burroughs rich quickly. However, skeptics began to personally use the program that made Master Cleanse known around the world as an effective method of cleansing the body, including helping to burn fat and lose weight.

Most medical professions feel that both disease and illness are created by the combination of conditions within the body. Free radicals accumulate in tissues and organs. This causes negative effects on the immune system. It also affects the cells of the internal organs making them unable to function properly. This accumulation causes the organs to start working in a different and altered way, resulting in disease and illness.

To remove the chemicals and toxins that free radicals create in the body’s internal system, periodic cleaning or removal is essential. Master Cleanse was designed for exactly that reason. Burroughs reported that internal body cleansing improves body functions including the heart, kidneys, colon, and liver. The new program changed the lives of the people who used its program as directed.

There are several ways available to add Master Cleanse to the average lifestyle of many people. The first method is used for cleansing for seven to ten days, allowing you to detoxify the body and cleanse the colon. This method is not a fast as there are 600-1000 calorie ranges from drinking the Lemonade Mix Drink which contains the essential vitamins and minerals, which continue to support the internal system and natural functions of the body.

It is common for a ten pound weight loss to occur during this time, creating a new weight loss appeal for many people. Since there is weight during the ten-day program, it is correct to assume that the weight loss would be greater with a longer period of the cleansing program.

Using the Master Cleanse program for forty days has resulted in a body weight loss of one pound per day, which adds to the benefits of cleansing. When the organs of the body have been cleansed and repaired during cleansing, the mind is also affected by the process. Many people have reported experiencing a sense of euphoria due to their well-being and fresh cleansing mood.

Cleaning creates a clearer mind for most people, plus they become more appreciative and aware of the other aspects of life. This creates a dramatic change of thinking in these people. With clearer thinking, the world is a better and happier place with all life alive and connected.

The cleaning program requires flushing the system with additional fluids. Some use salt water and others use herbal teas. They both have the same laxative effect, but herbal tea is much easier to drink. To increase weight loss with cleansing, combine sturdy exercise and a light aerobic program. The combination will have the weight drop dramatically in no time. Before starting any diet or weight loss program, consult a medical professional as there could be health problems from excessive weight loss.

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