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The internet has given us great opportunities to learn a language and the possibilities for the future are truly amazing. In the past, learning a language required buying books and learning on our own (no audio and no feedback or interaction) or taking a class (which can be expensive and inconvenient). But today, improvements in technology and internet accessibility have given us many more opportunities to improve our language learning experiences, and in many cases, for free.

Of course, learning on your own (or at least supplementing your classroom or a tutor’s study on your own time) requires some self-discipline and motivation. There is no one to tell you what to do except yourself. Try to stick with whatever lesson plans you make for yourself. Keep it up every day and don’t give up. Over time, you will be able to get a good foundation in your target language for free.

There are many individual websites dedicated to a specific language. Popular languages ​​like French, Spanish, and Japanese have many options for beginning and intermediate learners. Even some of the less studied languages ​​have sites with free tutorials, lessons, and resources. For the vast majority of languages ​​that you may be interested in studying, there is something out there for you so take a look.

FSI is one of the best language learning methods of all time. Many of their older courses are now available online for free at FSI language courses. [http://www.fsi-language-courses.org/]. These courses are free because they were created by the United States government and are in the public domain. Much of the audio is out of date compared to the newer (and more expensive) courses, but the method is excellent. It’s a great way to start learning a language for free.

The Internet abounds with excellent resource sites such as language forums, blogs, pen pal sites, and podcasts. All of these types of resources are great supplements to your book, tutorial, class, or other language method. They provide audio, video, real life vocabulary, and interaction with other students and native speakers.

Don’t forget the library for the most common language books and tape or CD collections. Most libraries have at least introductory language courses on tape or CD. All libraries have extensive books on language learning. The library is an often overlooked resource for free language learning materials.

Go ahead and use some of the tips in this article in small doses to supplement a tutorial or other language method. Try adding lots of audio and video to really hear the language, and use forums, blogs, and penpals to start interacting with other students and speakers.

Combining different approaches can create synergies that improve the effectiveness of an all-purpose language method or tutorial. Take advantage of these free resources for the most effective and fun language learning experience possible!

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