Learn about the advantages of steel buildings

It started during the 1700s that people used metal with iron columns to build walls. Since then, iron beams and columns have become a popular feature in industrial buildings. Sir Henry Basserner invented steel in 1855, which caused steel to become the integral components of pipes, skyscrapers, and bridges.

Steel buildings are preferred due to the many advantages. They generally consume less construction time compared to other materials. Therefore, construction costs and fees are cheaper compared to conventional construction methods. Not only are steels lighter, they are also easier to maintain and less risk of fire.

Steel is a lucrative and environmentally friendly alternative source of construction, as well as being 66 percent recyclable. However, a great advantage is that steel has a higher strength compared to any other metal. Steel structures can withstand terrible weather conditions such as high winds, earthquakes, hurricanes, and heavy snowfall. It also has a high resistance to termites, cracks, creeps, turns and crevices.

Although traditional wooden buildings are cheaper compared to steel buildings, it is more profitable in the long run due to its lower maintenance cost. This will result in a lower insurance rate as the risk of fire is lower and certainly lower cost of labor and assembly. If one does not prefer the look of steel, steel structures can be covered with brick or stucco. Expanding technologies have improved the use of steel in construction as it can be modified into various designs and fabrications.

All steel products, including steel frames, are made primarily from recycled steel. More than 28 percent of steel frames are recycled steel and can go through the recycling process more than once. This is an environmentally friendly factor compared to wood that normally requires logging. For example, an approximate 2000 square foot house will require the amount of lumber for nearly 50 trees while for the exact area; It only uses roughly scrapped car sex.

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