How to find a profitable niche to make money online

I must confess that finding a profitable niche from which one can earn online is not the easiest task. The safest way to make money with affiliate marketing online is through niche targeting. Niche marketing involves an affiliate marketer targeting a profitable program or product that is in high demand, thus improving the affiliate marketer’s chances of earning a lot.

In this article I am going to articulate the most outstanding ways to find a profitable niche where to start your online business. To do this successfully, you don’t need to spend any money because there are free tools and skills available online that can be employed.

look at your passion

Top of the list of tools you can employ to find a profitable affiliate niche is to look within. Find out what you like, what do you like to do? What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? What is it that you can do easily or that you have knowledge about? These are very viable links or indicators of online wealth. Write them down, they can become profitable niches online.

Research or brainstorm

There are free tools available online where any type of investigative work can be carried out easily. Sites like, Wikipedia topic list are great places to start where you can get a great perspective on any topic. Another place to look is the Consumer Demand Index, you’ll find a list of the most popular products that online searchers are serious about.

Technorati’s Popular List, a leading blog search engine, is another source site worth mentioning, it has tens of hundreds of what’s popular in the news compiled from thousands and millions of blogs. Popular Trending Yahoo! Buzz and Google Trends are also great places to brainstorm profitable niche ideas online.

Discover niches that have high earning potential

Google AdWords Keyword Tool or WordTracker Free Keyword is another powerful tool that you can use to find a niche where a large number of people search daily. Understand that the main reason they search for those keywords is because they are looking for solutions to their needs. You can use the same tool to estimate the earning potential of the niche you are interested in. If the niche has a high cost, ie around a dollar per click, then the niche has high earning potential if you will use AdSense to monetize your site.

Another important way to monetize your blog is to use affiliate programs or networks like Clickbank or Commission Junktion to find products related to your niche that pay a minimum of $20 per sale to generate a good profit. Outside of these two networks, you can also use Google for search queries to find other useful affiliate programs, type niche keyword + affiliate. You will have a list of affiliate programs in your niche, visit some of them, check their feasibility and potential to determine their payout and sign up for the reasonable ones.

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