How to deal with realistic people

How many people who call themselves realistic are part of your life? It seems that we are all surrounded by those who care about living in the “real world.” Magic to them is a forbidden word. dreams? That’s a no no. miracles? My God! Don’t even mention them.

These are the people you love very much but don’t know how to deal with because you feel they are so far removed from what you call “real” life that their reality seems absurd.

They’re the kind of people you’re afraid to talk to, because there’s an almost absolute certainty that no matter what the topic of conversation, they’re sure to rain down on your parade. You feel like you can’t talk to them and trust them and share your dreams and aspirations.

In fact, they make you feel foolish. “What nonsense are you saying”… they constantly repeat. And you, out of love, keep sharing your dreams, forgetting that these are not the right people to share your heart’s desires with.

You can say, “You know, I’m going to buy a house in the mountains and transform it into a natural spa. And people will come from all over to receive the excellent services and products that I will offer them.” Now, you don’t know how this is going to happen because you know that you attract what you focus on and therefore sooner or later this place will manifest in your life.

The realist will immediately retort or laugh: “Do you have money to buy such a place? Do you know how much it costs to build such a place? Do you know what it takes to run it? How are you going to do this? Who is going to help you?” Please stop being so unreal, stop dreaming “wake up!”

And you realize that, once again, you are putting yourself in a situation where you must fight to keep your faith intact and unblemished. You know that there is, in fact, a spiritual world full of wisdom that is constantly guiding you and that everything you ever want is yours for the taking.

You keep forgetting that they don’t. They are “practical” people. What they see is what they get. They are loaded with news because that shows reality. For them, real life is stressful, hard, difficult. They know better, or so they think. You, on the other hand, are this naive, goofy person who is out of touch with reality.

While you believe in synchronicity, they believe in coincidence; what you call a manifestation, they do not know how to explain it and they dismiss it saying: “it was a miracle” even though they do not believe in miracles.

To maintain a healthy relationship with these types of people, it is necessary to establish some parameters and prepare to deal with them.

So here are some suggestions for when you get the terrible question: How do you go to… blah blah blah?

1. Immediately visualize a purple cocoon surrounding you. It will protect you like a shield.

2. Immediately send this person your most positive energy, love, and bright white light.

3. Immediately tell yourself: “Everything is fine and I am safe.”

4. Immediately change the subject of the conversation to what the person loves to do.

5. Shortly after your contact ends, write down 5 things you appreciate about this person.

6. Forgive the person and the situation and never forget not to give your pearls to pigs.

Soon you will see that this type of communication will become very pleasant or stop altogether, because you have learned to deal with realistic people.

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