How to create automatic blogs and avoid getting banned from Google

Autoblogging is a common practice today for most internet marketers, from beginners to masters.

However, not everyone does it correctly. If you tried to auto blog and then got kicked out of the index by Google or other search engines, you know you did something wrong. Not only that, but you can even risk having your AdSense account banned, just because of an automated blog.

And yet, you wonder why there are so many other autoblogs that still perform well in search engines. You know this because you have found many competing websites in your niche and when you visit those websites you immediately see that they are nothing more than autoblogs.

So how do you create an autoblog, which is not banned in search engines and has fresh content about your niche every day?

First, you must have the right tools to do so. Using WordPress as a CMS for your website is the right choice. Google loves WordPress blogs, which offer a lot of new content every day.

Another thing that Google supposedly loves is original content. This is partially true. Let me explain this to you. Have you seen all those lyrics websites? They all have the same lyrics for a certain song, and they all work fine on Google and none of them are banned from the index. So the 3 things Google loves are; Fresh content every day, no duplicate content, and lastly a CMS optimized for better crawling and indexing (WordPress works well for this purpose).

So what you need is software to automatically blog your blog posts and add unique content. You don’t need to be a PHP programmer, all you need is easy-to-use software that does it. Let me introduce you to WP turbo.

WP Turbo is a WordPress plugin that makes everything we discussed above possible. There are many possibilities for affiliate marketers, which we will not discuss here. Let’s take a look from an SEO point of view.

Using WP turbo you will get hundreds of posts from different sources, using public API. The best part is that you can mix these fonts so that the content of each post appears unique. There is no problem with the duplicate content problem.

If you want to blog about Jennifer Lopez, you can create unique content using WP turbo. Let’s say you create a campaign that automatically takes JL videos from YouTube and publishes them at certain time periods. Also, you can add some tweets about JL to the same posts. This is all done automatically, you have to set the plugin once and the posts are done automatically every day, no hassle with Twitter. Remember to mix as many fonts as you can. About JL you can use other WP turbo modules to retrieve content from eBay, iTunes, Flickr, IMBD, Yahoo news, etc. At the end you will have a blog about Jennifer Lopez that has “everything” about her; videos, news, photos, items to buy (like their songs), etc.

Remember that you can’t get banned from Google just because you have a YouTube video on your blog or a link that sends visitors to iTunes.

So now you can see the true potential of WP turbo. Using other plugins that only post using another website’s RSS feed is not recommended. By doing so, what you will have is just another copy of someone else’s website, and your website will most likely be banned.

The big money in autoblogs lies in the power of numbers. The more autoblogs you create, the greater the profit. Since creating specialized websites with WP Turbo only takes a few minutes, creating dozens or hundreds of websites requires little effort.

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