How to Choose Roommates in Student Accommodation in Reading

Roommates in Student Accommodation in Reading

Reading is best known for the massive outdoor music festival that it holds each summer, but it’s also a big town with a rich history and plenty to do. There are a range of bars, restaurants and cafes to choose from as well as a thriving student culture and some excellent private accommodation options like the popular en-suite student houses offered by UniAcco.

The University of Reading is one of the largest and most highly-rated universities in the UK. It has top-notch facilities and offers a wide range of courses in the social sciences, business, pure and applied sciences, as well as arts and humanities. Its research is world-class and it has a reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. Students from around the world come to study at Reading and the university is ranked 28th in 2023 QS World University Rankings.

If you’re looking for Reading student accommodation, you’ll find a great variety of private student flats on offer in the town centre, Earley and Whitley. Many are close to the university and feature a full set of modern amenities like communal lounges with flatscreen TVs, on-site gyms and private studio rooms.

How to Choose Roommates in Student Accommodation in Reading

A good example is Queen’s Court, which features a mix of contemporary student rooms in an excellent location. It’s right by Broad Street Mall and The Oracle shopping centres as well as a short walk to the train station. There’s an on-site gym, games room and a cinema room that you can use to relax with friends. Plus, it’s only a 22-minute walk to Reading College and a 41-minute walk or short bus ride to the University of Reading.

Another option for student apartments in Reading is Saxon Court, located in the heart of the city centre. It features a range of modern studios as well as an on-site gym, cinema room and study zones. Rooms start at PS169 per week and there’s also a huge Asda and Co-op in the area, so it’s easy to stock up on all your groceries.

Additionally, offering counseling services and academic support within the accommodation premises can significantly contribute to students’ personal and educational development. Such support systems help students navigate through challenges, manage stress, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Student accommodation fosters a sense of community and provides ample opportunities for social interaction. Living alongside fellow students creates a supportive and engaging environment that promotes collaboration, friendship, and personal growth. Whether it’s sharing a dormitory, apartment, or communal living spaces, students have the chance to meet peers from diverse backgrounds and engage in meaningful conversations. The communal areas within student accommodations serve as gathering places for students to socialize, study together, and organize events, further enhancing their sense of belonging and connection within the student community.

As for finding Reading student accommodation, most freshmen will be matched with someone based on their responses to the Housing Questionnaire that they complete during their Summer Orientation/Registration. Returning students can select their own roommates by using the roommate-matching tool, which is available in the housing application portal. It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is compatible when it comes to living arrangements, so you should always consider carefully before selecting your roommates. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you’ll be sharing your kitchen, bathroom and living space with them for the entire year, so it’s a good idea to get along! You can always ask for a different flat if you’re not happy with your roommate.

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