How do I complain about an unscrupulous landlord when renting in Leeds?

“I. Finding a landlord to complain to

1. For landlords who have complaint handling channels: For example, regular housing agents will have a complaint handling department, you can look up the information on the agent’s website or call them to ask for information. 2. For landlords who do not have complaint handling channels: You need to make a written complaint, write down the relevant complaint matters, and then let the landlord investigate and ask questions, the landlord will give you a written result and the way to deal with it. If you are not satisfied with the outcome or if the landlord does not respond to your complaint, you can go to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or go to court. Please note: For England, you can apply for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); for Scotland, please refer to Shelter Scotland.

There is a local authority for landlord-tenant complaints in each region of the UK, known as a Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO), whose main job is to coordinate with tenants when Leeds student accommodation break the law.

A tenant can contact the TRO if the landlord has broken any of the following: 1. Letting you move out without giving you advance notice, such as changing the locks, threatening to move out, or evicting you. 2. Violating your rights, including: race, gender, sexual assault, harassment, and threats to hit and swear. 3. Refusing to fix broken appliances, furniture or the house. 4. Not giving you a contract or Rent BookRent Book A Rent Book is a valid legal document used for private rent. In the absence of a contract, a Rent Book has the legal effect of recording the monthly rent paid.

For Rent Books, student accommodation Leeds can buy them from stationery shops such as WH Smith and Ryman, and you can use them to keep track of each rent payment. Generally speaking, when the TRO receives your complaint, they will contact your landlord and explain the law (many private landlords do not know the law) and, if they are aware of the law and choose to ignore it, the TRO will penalise them accordingly. The contact details of the TRO can be found on the district’s website or by contacting the district directly and they will provide you with the contact details and you can also enter your home postcode for enquiries.

In the UK, each district council has a dedicated environmental health officer, known as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO), who can help you if the environment of your home is under threat.

For example: 1) Dangerous electrical wiring, gas tanks or appliances in your home; 2) Dangerous structures in your home that have not been repaired for years; 3) Damp leaks in your home or leaking roofs; 4) Noisy appliances in your home. Contact details can be obtained through the district office or by using Shelter and entering your home postcode.”

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