Helatio Therapy

Hellatio therapy is one of the most exciting therapies in the history and practice of human medicine. If his methodology were known and applied throughout the world, millions of lives would be saved annually. The Helatio method has amazing effects especially in stroke patients, cardiovascular disease patients, diabetics, people with poor peripheral circulation, people suffering from memory loss and in disorders caused by smoking, alcohol, environmental toxicity and heavy metal poisoning. The treatment procedure consists of the administration of certain infusions that eliminate toxins from the bloodstream; that is, the function of each organ changes and becomes balanced.

The Helatio method can also be performed by oral EDTA supplementation. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) along with various nutrients enters the bloodstream. Medicinal herb extracts of certain formulas specially made to treat a particular condition are also administered orally. The name “helatio” comes from the Greek, from the word “hela” which means “extractor”. This procedure removes heavy metals and excess calcium from the body. All existing toxins in the body are eliminated through the renal system. Helatio therapy destroys without fail all stones (stones) of any size, wherever they are in the body and treats the blood channels, restoring their elasticity and viability. In the first stage, 50 to 100 sessions of this type are recommended, one every three days. After that, the treatment consists of acupuncture and herbal extracts. The treatment will continue until the complete recovery of the patient.

The healing properties of the Helatio method have been recognized since 1948-1950, when extensive research was carried out, verifying both its methodology and its effects on the human body.

Used in both anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments, Helatio therapy acts on the body at the cellular level, stopping cell destruction. It improves the oxygenation of the heart, increases the amount of oxygen at the heart level and revitalizes the blood vessels. Stops and cures osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis.

Traditional medicine has been practiced for more than 10 thousand years, the discoveries made in Egypt are proof of this. There are historical sources from that time that testify to the practice of Helatio therapy. A true specialist in traditional medicine will know the Helatio method as such and how it can be applied correctly with beneficial effects and without posing any threat to the patient, as it was practiced in traditional Egyptian medicine. The procedure is performed as follows: Cloth dressings are applied at three key points: in the carotid area, above the heart, and above the femoral artery on the right leg.

The dressings are soaked in herbal extracts that contain nutrients and bioactive substances. Due to the method of application, these substances are absorbed into the body in several stages; As a result, the blood is purified and the body detoxifies. In this way, it is avoided to inject the mixtures containing EDTA or the nutrients intravenously, at the same time that all the threats that these procedures imply are eliminated. In addition, the Helatio method thus improved also ensures the treatment of cancer and benign tumors, because it increases the efficacy and precision of the therapy.

Due to its specific action at the cellular level on the cardiovascular system and on the bone structure, as well as on the body as a whole, the Helatio method helps to regenerate the organs and rejuvenate the body. Helatio therapy acts like a magic wand when applied correctly, with the observance of the specific methodology, and is combined with an acupuncture treatment and extracts of medicinal herbs ingested orally.

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