Gmail fax service

Looking for a Gmail fax service? Smile! You have finally found the perfect solution that will allow you to easily integrate online faxing with your webmail, such as Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

Although Gmail does not offer its own fax service, you can use one of the best email fax services to send and receive faxes through your Gmail account.

How is the setup process?

Easy. When you sign up for an online service, many providers like Nextiva or RingCentral allow you to automatically send a fax from your email, like Gmail, simply by entering the fax number followed by a default text that the provider gives you.

For example, tell where to register at RingCentral. You can send a fax from Gmail by simply entering the number followed by: @ Put this in the “To” field and then you can attach documents and click send.

Can I receive faxes through Gmail?

You can also go into your email fax account settings and enable the option for your incoming faxes to be sent directly to your email. This way you can also receive faxes through Gmail. Another great feature is that many online fax providers also allow you to send and receive faxes through a cell phone.

Is this option cheap or expensive?

With email faxing, you have more flexibility and more professional faxing capabilities, all for one low price. E-mail fax services were created to offer users a professional fax solution at an affordable price for everyone. Online fax services are a great solution for all types of businesses and even home offices.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to get started with an email fax service that allows you to send faxes through Gmail is an Internet connection and a computer. You do not need an additional phone line nor do you need a landline. When you sign up, your account is automatically activated and you also receive a FREE fax number which can be local or free. You will never be charged for this number and there are no maintenance or setup fees.

Get started now for FREE!

All the information above is very helpful, however, there is no better feeling than trying it yourself! Send and receive faxes online for free for 30 days with a free trial.

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