Free online Sonic games

If you want to play Sonic games online for free, you must know the most popular ones. Otherwise, you will waste your time playing uninteresting Sonic the Hedgehog games. Most good games allow you to play as Sonic and his friends.

Sonic could have had a setback by not being on his own Sega console. But our blue hero is not depressed.

It is also good if you have the option to play as Sonic or Tails, Knuckels or Cream. Of course, Dr. Robotnik is your number one enemy who is always up to no good.

The most popular free online sonic games are:

Ultimate sonic
This was one of the first and best Sonic games to be available online. You can play as Sonic or his friends.

Super Smash Flash
This game is very similar to the super smash brothers fight. It is very fun and addicting.

You not only play as Sonic characters, you can also play as Mario

Final Fantasy Sonic X
Many new people do not know this game, but it is an Internet classic. It has six episodes so far.

The creator releases a new episode from time to time.

These cool games are available for free on the internet, although many websites have crappy games.
So skip them and look for the most popular games.

Many Internet fans release new Sonic games. I can keep you informed, just sign up for my RSS feed.

So why do you keep reading this article? You have all the information you need.

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