Do webinars work?

Webinars have the ability to attract new leads from all over the world, as well as help you engage with your audience in a new and more personal way.

If you haven’t tried having a webinar yet, perhaps the following reasons to add webinars to your marketing mix will convince you.

Connect with more customers

Just as video is shared more than text content, webinars are enjoyed at a higher level than other types of educational materials. Webinars feel more personal, although they can actually be recorded and played back.

Set your experience

If you need a way to show off what you know, webinars are a great way to go. Giving talks about what you know has long been a way to show authority on a topic, but doing it online is even easier than flying across the country to do it. Both are fun and useful, but webinars offer some benefits over in-person events because you can do them from anywhere to anyone, anywhere.

Develop new information products

Due to the ability to record webinars, you can use them as future information products. Not only can you sell the recording as is, but you can also transcribe the recordings and turn them into e-books.

Entry fee is low

The software involved can be very expensive, but there are great options to use that aren’t that expensive, like Adobe Connect and GoToMeeting. These vary in price and features, so check them out. There are also other systems.

Easily engage audiences

There are many different types of features you can use to engage audiences, such as the ability to have the audience ask questions live during the event, and the ability to hand over speaker controls to a guest. Not to mention the ability to screen share and watch videos together and more.

easy to reuse

Recording capability makes webinars easy to reuse. Turn questions into blog posts, split videos into e-courses, put a webinar transcript into book form, and more. The sky is the limit; you can even cut short YouTube videos.

Great way to engage with others

The webinar itself, if you add a break with an open chat window, is a great way to network with others. Also, preparing for the event, searching for guests and JV (joint venture) partners will help you reach out to others.

This is not hard to do

Believe it or not, if you can use your online banking system or Skype, you have the technical knowledge to use any webinar software available. Planning and hosting webinars are not expensive and they are not difficult to do either. You’ll get so much more out of hosting webinars and adding webinars to your marketing mix that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

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