Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Biography, Career Highlights, Timeline

Dan Marino started his career with the Miami Dolphins with a bang by winning the Rookie of the Year award in 1983. During his second season, many analysts expected a “sophomore curse,” but Dan Marino picked up right where he left off. In 1984 he won the 1984 NFL MVP award and led the Dolphins to the Super Bowl. With just two years of NFL experience, Dan Marino was already considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

How it all began:

If your friends ever picked you last in school, that’s how Dan Marino must have felt during the 1983 draft. The star quarterback of the Pittsburgh Panthers watched in despair as team after team went through the draft. Finally, at the 27th pick, the Miami Dolphins were delighted to have the opportunity to select Marino.

Never before in NFL history has a freshman quarterback had the kind of instant impact he had with the Dolphins during his rookie season. Marino played with a level of maturity far beyond his age and led the Dolphins to the second-best record in the NFL. Marino made 26 other teams feel foolish for leaving him behind in the draft. In 1984 Marino led the league in passer rating and launched his career to unprecedented levels. He set National League single-season football records for completions, yards and TDs.

In the AFC Championship game, the Miami Dolphins threw for a record 421 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the season ended, Marino was voted the most popular soccer player and was also awarded the NFL Player of the Year.

Dan Marino was a model of consistency throughout his career and was the most spectacular quarterback of his generation. From the beginning, Miami Dolphin fans had an elite quarterback who was destined to break records.

Dan Marino Timeline Biography and Interesting Highlights from His Career

Age 8: Marino played his first soccer game at St. Regis Elementary School

16 Years: He was a soccer and baseball lawyer for Central Catholic.

Age 17: Marino was drafted by the Kansas City Royals, but decides to attend the University of Pittsburgh on a scholarship.

Age 21: Sets the Pittsburgh Panthers passing record with 37 touchdowns. Finish fourth in the Heisman Trophy vote.

Age 22: Selected # 27 in the draft by the Miami Dolphins

1983 – Receives rookie of the year award

1984: He leads the Dolphins to the Superbowl and receives the NFL MVP award.

1991: Sets a durability record by starting in his 117th consecutive game.

Life after football:

After Dan Marino quit soccer, he didn’t leave at dusk or spend his days playing golf. Marino has had many broadcast jobs, including analyst for the CBS Sunday pregame Show. He has also served as an analyst on HBA’s Inside the NFL.

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