Corvette History: The Second Generation

Chevrolet began production of the first corvette in 1953, making the corvette the first American-made sports car. Since then, Chevrolet has released six different generations of the ever popular corvette called the C1 – C6. The C6 is currently in production and is a $ 100,000 car.

The first generation of Corvettes, C1, was manufactured between 1953 and 1962. In 1963 it was replaced by the C2. The C2 was the first generation of corvettes to feature a Corvette Sting Ray coupe. This generation was designed by Lawrence Kiyoshi Shinoda – Larry Shinoda – and was designed by Bill Mitchell. This generation of the corvette became an instant classic and the work of Larry Shinoda and Bill Mitchell is responsible for much of the popularity of the Sting Ray, Mako Shark and other classic corvettes.

There are many other reasons why these cars became the classics that they are today. There’s the fact that they were the first sports cars made in America, which made them attractive in a patriotic time. There’s also the fact that they were really cool sports cars with a lot of power. The 1963 corvette had a 365 hp (272 kW) engine, and that was just the beginning. Each new model got a little more powerful.

However, the C2 Corvette was always more than a powerhouse and offered a comfortable ride for a sports car. This was due in part to the independent rear suspension on the C2s. You can also buy the C2 Corvette up front with a number of extras that further increase driving comfort, such as air conditioning and AM-FM radio.

The C2 was originally designed with a split hatchback design, but that design was discontinued in 1964 because it was suspected of being unsafe. In 1965, the C2 corvette made another safety-motivated change when they introduced four-wheel disc brakes that improved stopping ability. This was also the year they introduced the so-called “big block” engine option, the 6.5 L (6.5 L = 396 inĀ³) V8. The 1965 C2 Corvette was the first C2 with side exhaust pipes. This design was used until 1970.

The C2s really began to come to life at this point and the following year’s model, the 1966 Corvette is one of the most popular and beloved Corvettes of all time. This year’s model still has a huge following and is a favorite with collectors around the world. The 1966 Corvette was the peak of the C2 generation cars and the 1967 Corvette C2 would be the last year before the third generation was introduced.

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