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  • Natural remedy for urinary tract infection: its pH and vitamin C work together

    Do you remember the last time you were completely, 100% healthy? Was it years, months, weeks, or days ago? It seems like it’s always easy to remember the healthy moments in life, but I think it could also be helpful when dealing with a urinary tract infection. Because? Because you can really heal yourself if […]

  • Which wireless reading device should you buy?

    1. Amazon’s Kindle – It is the most popular reader on the market today and it has a lot of momentum. The only thing about the Kindle is that it is limited to its proprietary content format, although there are free tools that can convert standard ePub files to Kindle-compatible files. 2. Sony’s Library and […]

  • Ancient Greek atomic science was about mothers and their babies

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, living in ancient Egypt had its good times, as well as its bad times. One scribe wrote that during good times, kindness within the family seemed to increase the Egyptians’ ability to get the most out of life. Egyptian pyramid builders had to know about geometry, and […]

  • Older children, bedwetting and diaper changing

    I had covered this topic briefly in a previous post on the Health Central Network. This topic concerns me and that is why I felt it needed to be dealt with in more depth. On this website and others, I have read about parents and babysitters changing diapers for older children with bedwetting problems. Some […]

  • Benefits of citronella oil for children

    Citronella oil is one of the most widely used essential oils both in aromatherapy and in commercial products. Citronella with its many benefits is used commercially in condoms, deodorants, mosquito repellents, etc. What has been kept out of the public eye are the benefits of citronella oil for children. The most extensive use of citronella […]

  • The best way to lose weight in a week

    The most common question when losing weight has to do with fast weight loss. People always ask what is the best way to lose weight in a week. They want the diet with the best and fastest results. When it comes to trying to lose pounds as quickly as possible, the best place to look […]

  • Hypnosis: a safe treatment for panic attacks in children

    It is heartbreaking to see a child suffer from panic attacks. The child may scream, cry, shake, pass out, vomit, or develop suicidal thoughts. The girl literally believes that she is going to die. When a parent witnesses such an episode, he feels powerless and scared. Unless he himself suffered such an attack, he may […]

  • At what age should I start potty training?

    Many parents can’t help but ask the question, “At what age should I start potty training?” Any expert will tell you that there is no easy answer to this exhausting question. While some experts say the average age for potty training is between 12 and 24 months, others say the average age for potty training […]

  • Children with autism and Thomas the locomotive

    Parents, educators, and therapists have been witnessing anecdotal evidence of a special connection between Thomas the Tank Engine and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) for many years. While the typical child is drawn to brightly colored, cheerful little engines, children with autism show an unusually intense love for the characters. Therefore, therapists have learned […]