Advantages of replacing your kitchen countertops with granite

Whether you are considering a complete renovation or just want to update some features in your kitchen, replacing your countertops can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your room. Smart homeowners know that choosing granite countertops over synthetic materials will add value to their home and provide a beautiful, long-lasting workspace for the whole family to enjoy.

When choosing new countertops for your home, you may be surprised at all the options available. Artificial materials, such as laminate, are popular due to their affordability and easy installation. While many of these products are made to look like granite or other natural stones, they do not have the depth or richness of color found in a natural material. Synthetic materials can get scratched and burned if not cared for properly. They do not offer the longevity that is found with a stone product.

Granite is a very durable natural stone that is mined from the depths of the earth. It is very heat resistant and does not chip or crack easily. Once properly sealed, it will resist staining and fading with proper care. Granite comes in a variety of rich hues including streaks, patterns, and patches of color that reflect in sunlight and look beautiful from all angles. Being a natural product, each slab has its own unique characteristics that add an undeniable sophistication to any kitchen.

One reason homeowners may be tempted to choose laminate to replace their countertops is the fact that laminate is often less expensive than granite and other stones. Homeowners who want to save some money on their remodeling project may be tempted to choose an inferior product because the initial cost is lower. What they don’t realize is that paying a little more for granite will be an investment in your home that will add style and value to your kitchen. Also, some synthetic materials like Corian and quartz-based products can cost more than granite. Take the time to compare prices. You might be surprised how affordable granite can be.

Potential buyers will appreciate the addition of granite countertops. They understand that with a little routine maintenance and care, these countertops will stay beautiful for years to come. In fact, they can last the life of the home. Synthetic materials generally need to be replaced in a few years because they are not as durable as granite. When you remodel your kitchen with granite, you are making a decision that will add value to your home. A modern, well-designed kitchen will generally result in a higher resale value when it comes time to sell.

Because granite is cut into slabs, installation requires specialized skills and tools that most people do not have. This is why you need to have your granite countertops professionally installed by an experienced and well-trained installation expert. Once your granite slab is properly laid, it will remain beautiful and safe for many years to come. If a crack or splinter occurs, there are stone specialists who can repair the surface so that the damage is virtually undetectable.

Granite countertops are an effective way to update and beautify your kitchen. While the initial cost may be higher than some inferior alternatives, advances in technology have made granite quarrying and fabrication more affordable than ever. Talk to a stone specialist in your area to learn more about the many benefits of granite.

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