A review of the Pentax 43mm lens

The Pentax FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited or simply the Pentax 43mm is one of only 4 original lenses from the film series still in production. The lens also has the designation of being Pentax’s first lens labeled Limited and remained in popular demand. The lens itself is in a pancake design, and like all pancake designs, it is extremely lightweight and small in size. Despite being small and compact, the quality of the images it can produce are exceptional. The lens provides high quality images. It has natural color reproduction and the image sharpness is also excellent.

It is designed in such a way that it contains nine elements in seven groups. The focal length is rather unusual at 43mm, which equates to 64.5mm in full frame equivalent terms. The lens is primarily constructed of metal, including the lens cap. The coverage given to it is full frame and the aperture ring is provided on the respective ring. The limited label itself specifies that the product is made in limited quantity and therefore the lens should be expected to provide the highest quality. That is true of this particular lens, as it really does provide great results.

Although the Pentax 43mm has a rare focal length, in the field it gives the user very good results. Even images taken at close range are free of distortion, which is a huge win for the product and the manufacturers deserve some applause for it. Chromatic aberration is also suppressed due to its superior designs. The Pentax 43mm takes good quality images with reduced axial and chromatic aberrations.

The Pentax’s 43mm maximum aperture is very fast, so it can provide excellent out-of-focus blur. The lens provides quality images and is one of the best when it comes to sharp, high-resolution images. Although the product is versatile and covers a wide range of photos, it is best suited for large prints. This particular lens also comes with a lens hood and a case.

Overall, the Pentax 43mm has a near-perfect focal length and makes everyday photography fun while still providing high-quality images. The lens is best suited for indoor photography, tracking, and hiking. The lens has been specially designed for people who want the best in quality images. The Pentax 43mm provides sharp, high-resolution images at any aperture. The product is ideal for professional and hobbyist photographers, but as I mentioned earlier, it is ideal for large prints. I would say the Pentax 43mm is one of the best lenses in the limited edition line.

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