A guide to avoiding the pitfalls of renting in London

“When studying abroad, it is very important to choose a quiet and safe living environment, especially for those who have just come to the UK. Safety is more important. Here we will talk about how to avoid being cheated by bad landlords when renting student accommodation London in London.

According to the past experience of student accommodations for foreign students in the UK, most international students pay a one-month deposit and the first month’s rent in the student accommodations in the UK. Many students studying in the UK have reported that they have been cheated by bad landlords. I would like to share with you the experience and suggestions of rights protection. In fact, the most important thing is to be more considerate, otherwise the landlord is useless.

First, when you get the lease contract, remember to read the terms clearly. If you have any questions, you don’t necessarily have to go to a lawyer’s office to ask. There are always some international students who study law. You can let them read it first. Find out some invisible fraud terms. In addition, it is recommended that you do more research on the Internet. There must be templates for housing lease contracts online. Enter Tenancy Agreement in Google.

Second, before the contract expires, remember to take the photos of the room again. This is to prevent bad landlords from secretly breaking things and pushing them on you when your classmates are out. Remember to have time in the photos. In addition, the landlord is responsible for repairing any problems in the house during the rental period. Remember to keep the evidence of repairs. Finally, don’t go alone when you cancel the lease, it is best to go with someone.

A guide to avoiding the pitfalls of renting in London

Third, take photos of all the housing conditions (including public places in the housing, such as the living room, kitchen, etc.) Look over and sign. When you move in, go over the house with the landlord first, and ask the landlord to indicate the original damage in the contract, and then remember that all the above must have photos and evidence, and witnesses should take photos together, don’t go alone, remember Get someone to go with you so there are witnesses.
Fourth, (this article can be used as a reference, after all, the situation is rare) If the landlord really finds someone to beat you, remember to run out as much as possible, or call 999 to call the police, so that more people can see, these people will become your witnesses in the future . If you don’t get hurt, you must go to the hospital! The purpose is not only for treatment, but also for the injury report, which is to prevent the landlord from denying it later and turning it over.

The status quo of student accommodation in London for international students in the UK is that when you go out alone, you may occasionally encounter some bad landlords in the student accommodation. Generally, things are not repaired when things are broken, and bugs are not cleaned up. The deposit (this is to instill a concept in everyone. In the UK, the law stipulates that the landlord cannot withhold the deposit without permission. It can be stored in DPS for safekeeping. It is recommended to go to DPS, and most intermediaries will go). The reason why he does not refund the deposit is more than 95% The reason is that he made excuses to think that you broke the things in the house. Even if the landlord broke the things himself during the execution of the contract, it’s okay to depend on you. In addition, he just used various excuses to criticize the house. clean up. Therefore, as mentioned above, everyone must remember to take pictures and make lists by themselves. In addition, remind the meter not to stick things on the wall and smoke in the house, because it is easy to burn the carpet inadvertently. Regarding the cleaning issue, try to clean up the house before checking out, so as to avoid him deducting money from the cleaning fee and causing trouble.

Quality student accommodation goes beyond providing a place to sleep; it aims to create a home away from home for students. Moving to a new city or country for college can be a daunting experience, but having a comfortable and welcoming living space can make all the difference. Well-designed accommodations offer fully furnished rooms, shared common areas, and amenities that create a sense of belonging and provide a supportive environment for students.

If you have any questions about student accommodation in London, UK, please call Xiaoju, and we will arrange professional consultants to answer you in detail. “

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