A Beginner’s Guide to Caring for a Yorkie Puppy

More and more dog lovers are falling in love with Yorkshire Terriers, so it’s no wonder the breed is currently one of the most popular in the world. Caring for and feeding your pet the right way while it is still a puppy will ensure that it grows up happy, healthy, and well-trained.


Although Yorkshire Terriers are small in size, they need plenty of high-quality food and water to ensure good bone and muscle development, especially now that you are a growing puppy. Food and water must be available at all times; it is not until their fourth month that scheduled meals should be implemented. Three small meals a day are ideal and experts recommend feeding your pet dry dog ​​food for the first few months to reduce the risk of diarrhea, but canned food can be introduced slowly later.


When it comes to safety, Yorkie puppies need to be constantly supervised like human babies, as the world around them offers many threats. The breed is particularly feisty and can easily be injured by intentional jumping or even falling from beds and capes. Small toys and clutter can pose a choking hazard. Spilled human food can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Eventually, they will learn the dangers on their own, but for now, keeping a close eye on them is important.


Yorkshire Terriers are a smart breed so training at 8 weeks of age is ideal. They are also sassy and playful and should be taught to stop barking, chewing, biting, and other excessive misbehavior while still young. The breed learns best through positive approaches and rewards rather than screaming when a training goal is not achieved.


Yorkies are known for their long, beautiful manes that add to their charm. But this also means extra grooming care. Their fur should be washed and brushed regularly to keep it healthy and prevent tangling. The fur around your genitals should also be trimmed regularly to keep your genitals clean. Lastly, owners should ensure that their dog’s nails are clean and short to prevent them from becoming entangled in the fur.

Ensuring that your Yorkie is well-fed, well-disciplined, well-groomed, and secure in his first year of life will ensure that he grows up as a good, independent dog and that the rewards are for you in the long run.

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