3D and 4D mind maps to track, analyze and program artificial intelligence

I recently had an interesting discussion with a graduate student from the US Midwest about the possibilities of a 3D and 4D mind map, which would actually take the whole MindMap concept to the next level. Currently, the online Think Tank deals with ongoing topics on the use of human mind maps and their uses in AI or Artificial Intelligence.

My concept is to make the mind map more dynamic in 3D and 4D; for example, using a wheel as the center of the MindMap and then visualizing it as it rotates. Allow it to flow or roll along a line or space of distance on the line that represents; question-decision phase to be done.

As the wheel passes, it covers all the possible features of the individual’s personal mind map. It skips the irrelevant ones in the process and also folds the line to eliminate those question marks in the decision-to-make space. Several questions can be asked along the line. Linear thinking or rotational molding, you ask? Well, good point, now that you get the hang of the concept, let’s go a step or two more with this. First to visualize a MindMap process, see page 7 of this MindMap eBook of human knowledge online;


Let’s do the same with a Sphere where all the attributes of an individual or their normal decision-making process are in 4D within the sphere, but the original branches of the mind map are on the surface of the sphere, the rest continue deeply with in that. Think Beach Ball with a spiral galaxy inside where the planets and solar systems are semi-connected.

Instead of the circle in a line, this time we see how the beach ball rolls across the gym floor (which has a grid). The beach ball zigzags to hit all the decision points on the surface of the beach ball through the floor. As this maps, you are taking the Mind Map of people and applying it to thinking and decision making.

It is simultaneously recording it. Then you have mapped the thought process on your graph and finally you can know an individual’s decisions in advance and from this process you can use the graph and mathematics to program an artificial intelligence machine to learn from their decisions based on the path of decisions. made on every trip and problem or challenge? Record on the fly and then write a program to evaluate the decision and the results. Teaching you to think for yourself. Of course I’m thinking abstractly here, to do your own thinking read up on Mind Maps in your quest to be the best.

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