Ness Notes (February 6)

While it could hardly be considered SUPER, another Super Bowl is on the books, as the Steelers beat the Seahawks on Sunday, 21-10. For the 26th time in 40 Super Bowls of all time, the game was decided by 10 points or more and the Steelers ‘covering’ as a four-point favorite ended a four-game winning […] →Read more

The oath of a Kundalini Yoga teacher

“The Oath of a Kundalini Master: “I am not a woman. I’m not a man. I am not a person. I am not myself. I am a teacher.” ~Yogi Bhajan I have a confession to make. I struggled with The Master’s Pledge when I started my Kundalini Yoga teacher training. When I first heard it, […] →Read more

New fantasy novel full of mythical beasts and forgotten gods

Ryan M. Oliver’s first fantasy novel, Soldiers of Fire, is the first in a proposed five-volume series titled Beasts of Men and Gods. Lovers of JRR Tolkien, George RR Martin, and other classic fantasy authors will love the world-building, adventure, and humor reflected on every page of this incredible epic. The story begins when an […] →Read more

Everything you need to know when moving offices

Are you looking to relocate your office space and need key information and expert advice on the best strategies? Moving offices can be a very stressful task – you’re essentially relocating your entire business, so there are a few do’s and don’ts to consider. Here are 7 top tips to ensure your large office move […] →Read more

What should you know before applying for a personal loan?

Choosing the right bank to file a personal loan with is just as daunting as paying off the debt itself. There are vital factors that borrowers should base their decisions on before deciding. Some are obvious considerations, while others are often overlooked. These are the things you should know before signing a policy and contract […] →Read more

What material is best for a bathroom sink?

materials sink Most pedestal and wall-hung sinks are made from vitreous china, and the same qualities that make this material a good choice for toilets also work well for sinks: a durable, abrasion-resistant surface that’s easy to clean. to clean that maintains its shine year after year. after a year. Choose vitreous china sinks, especially […] →Read more

Musician Websites: A New Must-Have Model

For increased fan engagement and unity, all emerging musicians need the most important aspect of an online presence for music promotion: a website. A website is not just a place to sell your music, it can be much, much more. A website will attract potential fans and be a place where current fans and super […] →Read more

My life with the Lord, a Hovawart dog

I met Lord one afternoon in May 1994, he was just over 3 years old. He was traveling with Beth Lynch at the time. She had recently rescued him and 12 other Hovawarts, a rare breed of dog, from a harrowing situation in Florida. I don’t know much about that time. (That’s Beth’s story.) I […] →Read more

Bamboo pajamas – How to wash bamboo clothes

Bamboo, grown sustainably, produces a luxurious fabric that closely resembles rayon. It has emerged as one of the latest eco-fashion trends due to its ability to grow and regrow quickly. Whether you want sheets and towels for your home or t-shirts and pajama tops to wear, you can find bamboo or mixed products both in […] →Read more

Find a job after bankruptcy

After a successful bankruptcy filing, debtors get a fresh start in their financial lives. No more harassing phone calls, obnoxious letters, and the unrelenting stress of where to find the funds to meet your obligations. If you need to look for a new job after filing for bankruptcy and fear the effect filing for bankruptcy […] →Read more